How strong is 6Al 4V titanium?

How strong is 6Al 4V titanium?

Mechanical Properties of Ti-6AL-4V

Hardness Brinell 334
Hardness Rockwell C 36
Ultimate Tensile Strength 131000 psi
Yield Strength 120000 psi
Machinability Rating 22% of B 112

What is TI-6Al-4V used for?

7.6. Ti–6Al–4V is an alloy that has been widely used in the aerospace industry in compressor blades and casings due to its high specific strength to weight ratio.

What is TC4 titanium?

Ti-6Al-4V, also sometimes called TC4 or Ti64, is an alpha-beta titanium alloy with a high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance.

Does titanium have good shear strength?

Titanium has excellent ductility and tensile strength. Commercially pure grade 1 titanium has a Rockwell B Hardness of 70 – 74 and a fracture toughness of 66 MPa-m½. It’s Young’s modulus of elasticity for pure titanium is 120 GPA with a shear modulus of 45 GPA.

What is CP titanium?

Unalloyed Commercially Pure ( CP ) Titanium is represented by four distinct grades, specifically 1, 2, 3 and 4. CP titanium ranges from grade 1, which has the highest corrosion resistance, formability and lowest strength, to grade 4, which offers the highest strength and moderate formability. …

Is 6Al-4V the same as Grade 5?

Titanium Grade 23 – Titanium 6Al-4V ELI Titanium Grade 23 is similar to Grade 5 but has lower oxygen, nitrogen and iron. It has better ductility and fracture toughness than Titanium Grade 5.

How thick is a 6AL-4V sheet and plate?

Add Sheet/Plate, Titanium sheet and plate in stock for sale, 6Al-4V (Grade 5), 6-4 to the cart. You can adjust the quantity in the Cart. Price/Avail. 6Al-4V (Grade 5) Sheet/Plate (Thickness: 0.012in., Length: 96.125in., Width: 9.500in.)

What is the grade of 6AL-4V?

Add Sheet/Plate, Titanium sheet and plate in stock for sale, 6Al-4V (Grade 5), 6-4 to the cart. You can adjust the quantity in the Cart.

What is Ti-6Al-4V ELI alloy?

The Ti–6Al–4V ELI alloy (F136) has excellent mechanical properties for use in hip prostheses and dental implants, but releases metal ions (Al and V), which may cause local and systemic carcinogenic effects. Aluminum and vanadium ions may inhibit the formation of apatite, making it difficult to obtain mineralization at the interface.

Is Ti-6Al-4V a good material for joint replacement?

The excitation laser beam at a wavelength of 532 nm was focus by a 50 × objective lens onto a small area of the sample. The titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V is widely used in joint replacement because of its good mechanical properties.

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