How successful is IUI with Femara?

How successful is IUI with Femara?

IUI success rates with Clomid or Femara Clomid and IUI success rates are about 10% per month for women under 35 if the tubes are open by a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and semen analysis is normal. This statistic holds true for about 3 cycles – after that it is significantly lower.

When should I take Femara for IUI?

You will take two tablets (5 mg total) of letrozole daily, starting on Cycle Day 3 (the first day of menses is Cycle Day 1) and ending on Cycle Day 7. You can take the two pills together, and the time of day is not important (just be consistent for the five days).

How does letrozole work for IUI?

Letrozole is typically taken once a day for five days. When you take the drug, it stops androgens in your body from converting into estrogen. When estrogen is blocked, the pituitary gland gets a message that it needs to produce follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which stimulates the ovary to produce an egg.

How much letrozole should I take for IUI?

Similar to the dosing protocol for clomiphene, letrozole is given in daily doses of 2.5 to 7.5 mg daily over 5 days in the early follicular phase (7, 8).

How many rounds of Femara should I take before pregnancy?

When you start an initial dose of 2.5 mg, Letrozole dosing can be adjusted upwards as needed (most providers use a maximum of 7.5 mg). We typically prescribe your Letrozole dose for 3-4 Cycles before considering Letrozole has failed.

How should I sleep after IUI?

Do: – You are encouraged to lie down for about 20 to 30 minutes. Though the cervix almost immediately closes after the IUI procedure, lying down is quite comforting and beneficial for the success of IUI procedure. – No restriction in having sexual intercourse right after the IUI procedure.

Does Femara work better than Clomid?

Many women have found that Femara worked when Clomid failed to produce the desired results. There have been quite a few small-scale studies comparing the two drugs as infertility treatments. Some studies suggest that Clomid is more effective while others showed results that tipped the scales in favor of Femara.

What is the difference between an IUI and IVF?

Complexity. IUI refers to one procedure.

  • Risk of multiples. IUI with fertility medication carries a significant risk of multiple pregnancies,including higher-order multiples (triplets or more).
  • Success rates.
  • Is Femara safer than Clomid?

    Perhaps most persuasive are the few studies that showed Femara to be more effective in cases of Clomid resistance. Then, too, there is the fact that Femara seems to have fewer side effects than Clomid; which can cause vaginal dryness and thinning of the uterine lining.

    Is IUI a successful fertility treatment?

    How successful is IUI fertility treatment. IUI fertility treatment is the most common infertility procedure suggested by the gynaecologists for low sperm count. When a couple has not been able to conceive naturally after trying for a long duration of time they typically visit a fertility doctor who suggests IUI treatment at a fertility clinic.

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