How thick can a 12kW fiber laser cut?

How thick can a 12kW fiber laser cut?

The 12kW laser cutting machine can cut aluminum alloy sheets up to 40mm and stainless steel sheets up to 50mm. This thickness can already cover most metal sheet processing needs.

Where are Bystronic lasers made?

Bystronic achieves a major milestone in the USA as the first-ever laser cutting machine assembled at the new facility in Hoffman Estates IL has rolled off the line.

What can a 30w fiber laser cut?

30w fiber laser marking machine For cutting, most of customers cut gold and silver. 30w also has much good performance on that. It can cut maximum 0.7mm silver and 1mm gold. Based on those, no matter on performance, but also on cost, 30w is also the most popular type.

Where is bystronic located?

Bystronic headquarters are located in Niederönz (Switzerland). Additional development and production locations are in Sulgen (Switzerland), Gotha (Germany), Cazzago San Martino and San Giuliano Milanese (Italy), Tianjin and Shenzhen (China), and Hoffman Estates (USA).

Where is bystronic from?

Bystronic’s history The name Bystronic first appeared in 1964, when Bystronic Maschinen AG was founded in Bützberg. The company specialized in glass processing. The company’s name is a combination of the names of its three founders Byland, Schneider, and Trösch.

Will a 30w laser engrave metal?

30w is used for marking and engraving on metal material surface and some nonmetal materials.

How long does a fiber laser last?

Most online sources claim that fiber lasers last 100,000 hours whereas CO2 lasers last 30,000 hours.

Is bystronic a public company?

As of today, May 3, 2021, Bystronic AG is traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the new ticker symbol “BYS”.

How thick can a 30w laser cut?

~3 W is able to cut 2-3 mm wood with multiple passes.

Why choose bystronic precision fiber laser cutters?

Increase your productivity and bottom-line profits with Bystronic precision Fiber laser cutters.

How does the bystronic laser work?

The laser beam is created by the laser source (resonator), conducted by a transport fiber or mirrors in the machine cutting head where a lens focuses it at very high power on a very small diameter. This focused laser beam meets the sheet metal and melts it. Bystronic uses two types of laser sources: Fiber laser and CO₂ laser.

What are the bystronic automation solutions?

Flexible process solutions: Bystronic automation solutions optimally integrate the BySmart Fiber into the requirements of the sheet metal processing environment. Byloader automatically lays plates onto the shuttle table of the laser cutting system. ByTrans Extended takes over loading and unloading your laser cutting system.

What is bysmart fiber?

BySmart Fiber. The smart access to fiber laser technology. Outstanding cutting performance for high parts output and excellent cutting quality with thin to medium sheet metal. Wide range of applications.

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