How to geospatially reference a PDF into MicroStation?

How to geospatially reference a PDF into MicroStation?

How to Geospatially Reference a PDF into MicroStation (This method creates a geospatially placed background image in your CAD file, you cannot select the line work) Separate your PDF into individual sheets if it is in a batch PDF Adobe : 1. Go to Tools>Pages> Extract 2. Specify which page(s) you want to extract 3.

What is a contextual menu in MicroStation?

MicroStation has pop-up, contextual (right-click) menus. These menus contain items that operate on the control or object at the pointer location.

How to print in MicroStation V8i?

In the MicroStation Print dialog go to File> Print or click the printer icon on the dialog. The Save Print As dialog opens. Adjust the folder and filename as needed and click OK to save the PDF file. PDF Plan Sets from MicroStation Print Organizer

How to use cell library in MicroStation?

The MicroStation Cell Library file opens. It contains individual cell files. From the list box, select a cell to place in your house design model file. The cells contained in this cell library are windows. In the Active Cells section of the Cell Library dialog, click Placement.

What is the output of this Fortran 90 program?

This Fortran 90 program is standard conforming and should be compilable and executable on any standard Fortran 90 computing system, producing the following output: 153 370 371 407 2.9 Summary 2.9.1 Program Units There are five kinds of program units: main program external subroutine external function module block data 60Fortran 90 Handbook 2

What is the FORTRAN system used by programmers?

Currently, most programmers use Fortran systems that permit a less stilted style of source form; this is similar to or the same as the free source form described in the previous sections. Rules and restrictions: 1. Fortran statements or parts of Fortran statements must be written between positions 7 and 72.

What are the intrinsic modules in Fortran 90?

There are no intrinsic modules in Fortran 90. Astandard moduleis one that might be standardized as a separate but related (collateral) standard in the revision cycle period between new standard releases, often a period of ten or more years.

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