How to start an actor’s career from scratch and succeed

Beginning an actor’s career follows with a very great desire: the more the desire, the higher the chances of success. This way is only possible for a man who is obsessed with his goal and is ready to sacrifice much for her. The main difficulty on the way to a stunning acting career is the number of fellow travelers. Competition among actors is so high, and for a place under the sun there is such a fierce struggle that even an unconditional and outstanding talent can disappear in the crowd of applicants without being noticed.

Put a tick opposite the ability to break your own path – it will do you a good service hundreds of times, but they will not get by alone either at the beginning of the path or in the future. There is a thing that the actor needs even more than talent, because without her talent is no good. This is a skill that allows you to begin learning acting skills and successfully complete it. This skill has been developing for many years, especially in high-quality universities. However, unlike other universities, in the theater university you can count only on yourself and your hard work. There will not be an opportunity to cheat, do not do something or get an essay help or some other help from someone – everything is achieved only by own strength!

Acting skills are many, we give the most basic.

  • Observance. He saw, remembered, copied, repeated. It’s about emotions, assessments, adaptations, plastics, facial expressions, characters, etc. All the juicy characters of the performances come from the city streets.
  • Expressiveness. Remember the popular phrase from the repertoire of the theatrical press: “The artist wanted to convey to the audience …”? So, in fact, no one is interested in what the artist wanted, even to theatrical critics. What is important is what he managed to convey to the audience, and for this it is not enough just to want, you need to be able to correctly express your intention.
  • Erection and erudition. The actor may not have an education, but can not be uneducated. This is especially true of literature, since literature for the theater is the basis of the foundations.
  • A living imagination. The actor without imagination is professionally unsuitable. The reason is that he can not convincingly play a single role. Imagination allows him to immerse himself in the circumstances of the play: imagine that all this is happening to him here and now, and truly experience the imaginary.


Imitation is the essence not only of acting, but of art in general. A good actor looks believable on stage, because he does not invent anything, but reproduces what he has seen in real life. To become an actor, you must first learn to imitate, and in this you will help the usual mirror.

  1. Find among friends and acquaintances an interesting type that you would like to “try on”.
  2. Watch him as carefully as possible, remember how he moves, how he looks, as he says.
  3. In front of the mirror, reproduce in minute detail all that you could remember.
  4. When you start to get, think up random circumstances for yourself and exist in them in the mastered scenic image.
  5. Create the following image.

So you can start acting career in adolescence or being an adult, after which you may be lucky to take a vacancy in one of the famous theaters or get a role in the film.

Memory of physical actions

These are exercises for training imagination and tactile memory. To become an actress or an actor, you need to learn how to get used to the action on the scene. Do not play the role of a soldier with a fake sword, namely, feel like a brave warrior and win back the subject of the props, like a real sword. Perhaps this is the most difficult skill of a professional actor, and you will have to train a lot to master it.

The essence of the exercise is that you perform ordinary manipulations with ordinary things, for example, wash dishes or iron your shirt, but do without the things themselves.

  1. Wash the imaginary plate under an imaginary stream of hot water with an imaginary sponge.
  2. Do not miss a concomitant sensation (the plate is slippery and oily, the sponge is rough and foamy, the water burns his hands)
  3. Repeat with the real dish and analyze the errors.

Practice in an actor’s team

Independent exercise will allow you to develop primary skills, without which no artist has ever managed. But this practice has its own ceiling, it is called “interaction and communication”. If you are not going to play solely solo performances, you will have to learn how to work in a team. It is not so simple and much more important than it seems at first glance. The play is a huge mechanism, each of the actors like a gear does it’s unique function. Refuses one gear – the mechanism breaks.

Learning to work in a team is possible only in group courses of teaching acting skills under the supervision of experienced professional teachers.

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