how to stimulate your imagination for your ideas for movies

comment stimuler votre imagination pour vos idées de films

Idea for a scenario to stimulate your imagination

How to find ideas

This week I would like to draw your attention on the search for ideas for your scenario(s). This is to begin your story or to find solutions for your dramatic tension. Many of you are asking me an idea for a scenario…for this it is necessary that one speaks of your imagination

If you want to write a movie and you start like this…you will not get far. I want to say : If you are asking for help just to find an idea…you’re not out of the woods !

In the end, I took a step back on this curious request. I said to myself that there must be a shortage somewhere. Perhaps a lack oforganization or technical…But how to simply explain where to look for ideas and succeed to gather them, organize them to start track of the stories ? There are a multitude of ideas, themes, situations or characters that reveal themselves to us every day. But how to identify good ideas, ideas normal or FBI. FIB ? False good ideas !

And why an FBI wouldn’t it be a good idea for a scenario to another project ? In short, as many of the questions that make me say that there may be a few tracks to give you.

 Work of his imagination, but how to fuel the machine ?

At each stage of the writing of our scenario we need to feed in ideas, as it is to leave our character in a hopeless situation or to give body, of the unexpected in our scenario.

I sincerely believe that our imagination is like a muscle. The more we practice the more our ability to find and treat the ideas is simple.

How to stimulate your imagination ?

Sometimes I’m having fun looking at the world (people) around me. The last time, in a train station, I notice a man leaning against a wall, a phone glued to the ear, it seems to be hidden…Is this a indic that provides information to a police officer ? Is this a terrorist ? A lover who calls his wife before bringing his mistress on the dock ? And this woman who’s short, who seems to want to go through the station as quickly as possible, without luggage…why ? It may be on the verge of saving the world, who knows ?

The man against the wall raises his head, watching the woman pass by, he seems to be interested in it. There may be a link between them ?!!! Is this an offender who ensures that the woman follows the instructions she has been given ! But to save that ? His brother ? Her husband ? His son ? The last two ? Itself?

I tell myself that I want may be something…but for the moment I know that I’m on an idea banal, has already been seen…what is it that would make this story amazing ?

She stops and looks around, distraught, she looks at her left wrist…a watch ? Then his eyes hang a little boy who is waiting next to an agent STATION. His gaze brightens, she joined the small boy that she kisses…

I turn to the man with the laptop, I see that it takes pictures of the architecture of the train station, the docks etc…

Suddenly my brain went into overdrive. And if the mother had not a watch to his left wrist, but a timer. That the agent of the SNCF was not really a and that he was holding the boy hostage…and if the countdown of the mother had happened to to zero and that she had fallen dead a few inches from his son ?!…

And that man at the laptop was not taking pictures, but filming the scene !

Yes, but why shoot the scene ? Put it on the internet ? Send it to the police ? use it as a trophy ?

Who really are the man disguised as agent SNCF and the man with the laptop ? An organization ? Of sérials killers ? Fans of role-playing games ?


The imagination and the organization of a idea for a scenario

You see, I ‘m not saying that it is theidea of the century, I do not say that this idea deserves to be dug out. But just by looking around me, I developed an idea. Maybe this is the opening sequence of the film, why not ! Anyway, I note this idea and the journey of my thought as this will surely serve me later.

You have to force yourself to look around you and imagine who the people are, why they are there, what interactions they can have with each other. May be that most of the time it ‘s not going to go very far but you will find that strength to do this exercise, you will succeed to rebound more.

Necessarily this technique, or rather this training will also serve you for the different parts of your story. There is always a time, times, to be exact, where you will be stuck. This gym will stimulate your imagination , or rather will release it.

Ideas of scenario and FBI

I told you at the beginning, of the FBI. I sincerely believe that there are no false good ideas. It is for this reason that it is necessary that you write down all your ideas either in a notebookor on your computer so you can go back from time to time. Why ? Simply because as a human being, and moreover as a writer (amateur or confirmed) you are in perpetual change. It is your ability to bounce back, it is your life journey that will make thatan idea for a scenario is good or not.

I don’t want you to think that I turn into a guru lol. I try just to explain to you that an idea for a scenario, that you are not able to develop at a time of your life, may come to fruition several years later. It is for this that many writers-professional or not-drag several of the projects not finalised in their drawer or more notebooks filled ofideas of scenario and research.


Imagination and Idea of scenario through time

I fell, it was not long ago, on an old cardboard box that was in the attic. Nothing is shown on it, so I decide to open it. Inside my first few scenarios, my book for ideas of the time, my research on ideas of the scenario of short films and of the letters of the answers of the producers…

Beyond take me a slap in the temporal lol, I browsed through my notebook of ideas. Frankly…I was young and I did not go well. Lol

It was about the monster, of blood, of murder…some synopsis were not very consistent…I spent a lot of cock in the ass…

Except that the ideas were there ! They were not lost. And I have to say, my taste for ” genre films “ is returned to the surface (it was not left far…)

In the notebook I found an old drawing, a beginning of the synopsis…and well, you know what ? Everything took place in my head in a few seconds. I was able to finish the synopsis, strengthen the basic idea, think of one or two tracks of side stories, all encompassed in a strong theme. The idea of clumsily written several years ago comes to live a new life, a new beginning.

It is obvious that I would have not been able to deal with this topic at the time because the story that I was trying to tell there are more than 15 years, dealing with the paternity. I could not deal with this subject from the point of view of the child that I was (as I was)…I was missing the point of view of the father, which is essential to be coherent and credible in the choices that the characters make in the story.

Good idea for a scenario ? imagination delivered on a tray

There is no idea that does not deserve to be written or developed, it’s not a good idea. Keep all of them. Note-the. Do your research, keep them. Because the ideas that YOU are unable to make exceptional today, you will surely be incredible tomorrow ;o)

Finally, it can happen that you find ideas in behind the ear. I re-read the few notes that I had taken last winter. I assigns a : I am in the metro to get to an appointment in the city. I sit on a subway’s jump seat. Behind me two young women talking. After a few moments of silence one of them loose :

Young woman 1

Like, the day before yesterday, there was a duck that rang in me

Young femme2

Huh ?! What are you talking about !

Young femme1

I swear, a duck. Finally…do you remember Stephane ?!

Young woman 2

Stéphane…no !

Young Femme1

But if the guy that I met at the wedding of machin…the guy that I dropped 6 months !

Young woman 2

Ben lives there with 200 terminals ! What is it that he didn’t care there ?!

Young Femme1

Ask Me if I accepted that we get back together…Disguised as a duck with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

Young femme2

And you did what ?

Young woman 1

Ben I slammed the door ! It is completely crazy this guy…duck !


This situation is extraordinary, or not ?! The fall is incredible. The young woman 1 implies that if the guy had been dressed as a firefighter she would have probably left home !

But the point of view of the ” Duck “ is also fantastic. Why is it disguised as a duck at christmas ? That is what it took him ? Why, at the end of 6 months, it was decided to review this girl ? He had what in mind ? The trigger must be huge !

The ideas and situations the most outlandish are around you. It is up to you to write, store and operate today or in 15 years. You want help to find ideas for films, scenario ? Go for a stroll and you’ll come back with a notebook filled with ideas and dialogues.


I hope that this article on : ” the imagination ” you enjoyed it ;o)

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