how to write a script of short film-Part 2

savoir écrire un script de court-métrage Partie 2

How to write a screenplay for short film

The structure of a scenario


Now that you have your synopsis, you will have to think to the structure of your scenario. We will work as do the writers of long. Surely you may have read in my various articles, you should never, never, NEVER ! write the continuity interacted immediately.

Reminder : the continuity of time talking this is the scenario in its final version, that is to say with the number sequences, the didascalis ands dialogues.

Why ? because it is the best way for you to lose. I know that it is difficult to restrain, but the job story college application and methodology. Don’t forget that to make a film, it will be necessary to apply a large number of rules.

In addition, if you intend for the profession of a producer/ screenwriter, your producer you achetera your story in three times :

– the synopsis

– the séquencier

– the continuity of dialogued

So we’re going to work this way. Where I leave you free, it is able to work in the order that you want, that is to say, from the beginning to the end and backwards : from the end to the beginning.

We already have the synopsis. But whatever the topic or situation that you have chosen, you need to define a bunch of things.

The purpose of the movie ? its message / moral etc…

Who is the hero of my story ?

– What does my hero has changed between the beginning and the end of the film ?

That is what attracts me in this adventure or in this character ?

What is the end or the beginning ?

You will not find all the answers immediately. In fact the answers you have within you, but sometimes it takes time to be able to enunciate. There is something great about the writingis that we never stop to write. Even if we are not in front of our computer or our sheet, we think of our film all the time, everywhere !

Today, all mobile phones and tablets (or almost) are in possession of a dictaphone. Register as soon as you have an idea, a dialogue comes to you or a situation. Otherwise, refer to the section application for a screenwriter. You will find all the solutions cheap, or even free to write anywhere and anytime.

Make a movie : The skeleton of my script

I can already hear you say : ” I read the hero’s journey and its twelve steps, I can move on to the next “

I answer you : ” yes and no “. We try to make it short and to the point of structuring your story.

Leave on for a period of 10 minutes, your beginning, act 1, will be between 2 and 3 minutes, the middle, or act 2, will be between 5 and 7 minutes, and your end, that is to say, the act 3, it will be 2 to 3 minutes.

Maximum your timeline will be 12 to 15 pages ! Because it takes between 45 seconds and a minute per page on average.

Let’s take the history of our young mom.

Act 1 :

The young mother is queuing at the checkout, she holds her child in her arms. His / her turn comes, she smiles at the cashier, she returns his smile and said hello.

The trigger would be

At the time of paying, the face of the cashier is livid as the blood drips on the front of the toddler.

Act 2 :

The cashier called security and disaster relief. The behavior of the young mother is strange because she doesn’t want help. The people panic, everyone is approach to see what happens. The porticos sound from all sides. The cashiers are exceeded.

One can imagine other adventures, other conflicts. Up to the 2 nd node dramatic.

The man behind it, in turn, pass the security screening to help the child who is bleeding more and more. The mother refused again, yet man is said doctor.

The security finally arrives and takes the young woman and the child with them, away from the crowd. The doctor accompanies them.

They find themselves in the position of control, under the pressure of the security and the doctor the young woman must let the doctor examine her child.

Climax :

The doctor raises with delicacy, the bob of the toddler. All discover with amazement that the mother has hidden a large beef steak.

The security cancels the backup. After wanted to call the police, the security changed his mind in view of the distress of the young mother and under the pressure of the doctor. Unfortunately, to be released, the young woman has to pay for the steak stolen. After a moment, the doctor decides to pay for the steak of the young woman. The young woman thanked the doctor, it goes away.

Security decides to release the young mother after making him fill out some papers.

Act 3 :

The mother comes out of the supermarket with the security. It dates back to the parking lot and climbs into his car.

At the wheel, she found the “doctor” who smiled at him. He turns to the back seat and opened the briefcase he had since the beginning. It is full of food. They smile at each other.

The car starts.


This is an example for you to understand how the three parts are structured, each of these parties is composed of sub-parts with the knots drama, the conflicts, the climax and the resolution.

If your sequences strung together perfectly, you will see that you will the viewer, and that there will be that fire.

You have to be original. Soon to Make a film : write a short film part III

So much for this article on how to write a screenplay for short film : the structure. You can read other articles by returning to the site map.


Tom Weil

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