Hugh Laurie could leave Dr. House ?

This is the thorny issue of the day. For medical reasons, the leading player of the series could stop camping the famous doctor…

There would be news that it would be better not to hear or read, and yet, sadly, Hugh Laurie, playing the famous role of Dr. House in the series of the same name could leave sets.

Where lies the peak of the story is that he would suffer the knee and the hip. Remember that he is holding a cane in the series and he is supposed to play a doctor who suffers from the same ailments. It must be said that forcing, and playing too much with his body, the actor had to necessarily catch the same symptoms.

We don’t know for the moment what will happen to the health concerns, it is Hugh Laurie in the first place to decide its future within the series, the most important thing being of course that his state of health.

Anyway, in addition to-Atlantic, the sixth and new season of Dr. House has started since yesterday evening on Fox. Crossed already the fingers for a restoration of his favorite actor.

Updated – 23.09.2009 : The info was, in fact, a mere rumor. The actor – through his press secretary – has categorically denied this early retirement.

It is true that he mentioned that he was starting to mask the knee to the force of a limp as he does : “The series should continue to a seventh season, or even an eighth or ninth. But I don’t know if I would do it partly because I’m starting to lose my knees. It is a lot of work for the hips. There are certain things that will go wrong. I must do yoga !”

Some have certainly taken the first degree and immediately imagined things. Be reassured, therefore, a seventh season will indeed be the day !

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