Hunted : trailer

Here is the trailer for the Hunted

The pitch : Della Meyers, a mother of a family, lives in a nice suburb with her two children and her abusive husband. While rocking on the evening of Christmas when she is a witness to the murder of a man by a gang of youths. Trapped, Della then embarks on a chase from hell, and is found only in the heart of an isolated forest. Tracked by the four killers, it would have to find by itself the resources to survive.

Hunted was directed by Susan Montford (first film as director and producer of Shoot ‘ Em Up) with Kim Basinger (Away From The Scorched Earth, The Sentinel), Lukas Haas (Material Girls, Alpha Dog) and Craig Sheffer (The Price Of The Betrayal, the series The Brothers Scott).

The film will be released directly to DVD on August 18, 2009.

Hunted : trailer (VOSTFR)

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