I Love You Phillip Morris : trailer

Here is the trailer of I Love You Phillip Morris

The pitch : The true story of an ex-cop, ex-husband, ex-scammer aux assurances, ex-prisoner model and eternal lover of fellow inmate Phillip Morris. Steven Russell is ready for anything, to never be separated from the man of her life. This implies, in particular, not to rot in prison. Until where can one go for love? Very far if we are to believe the incredible story of Steven Russell, a genius of evasion, caught up in its romanticism.

I Love You Phillip Morris has been directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa with Jim Carrey (Yes Man, The Number 23), Ewan McGregor (Angels And Demons, Manipulation) and Leslie Mann (17 Again, Knocked – Mode Of Employment).

Released on 09 September 2009.

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