idea for a scenario, There was once…an idea The first foundation to create a film

idée de scénario, Il était une fois…une idée Les premières bases pour créer un film

Idea for a scenario

an idea, but simple can become a great movie


Well, here we are ! We are still far from talking about making a film, tea, team, camera , or light. Let’s talk, if you will, of the heart of what interests us : The history. And to have a story we need a idea for a scenario.

You have this idea in your head because it stimulates you, it lives in you. You need to let it out, it is stronger than you.

Today you are lifted with the firm intention to write, lay the first stone of your future scenario/ movie. But now, all is not so simple.

In fact, you have your idea. It seems great, maybe the best story that you have thought about it until then. Happy, you talk to your loved ones (husband or wife, friends, parents…), and then it is the tile.

Two possibilities

  • Your entourage is your story not evil or completely stupid
  • You tell your idea, but you get stuck in the explanations, details, in short the confusion. Result your idea does not have the success that you expect.

First of all do you trust. It sounds stupid, but if you don’t believe in what you say, how those around you would believe. In addition, it is not because that person, or rather all the world is your silly idea, that it is !!!!!!!!!

I’m going to give you a concrete example with an idea for a scenario.

  • This is the story of a specialist in the phenomena of ufos. For some time, strange facts occur everywhere on Earth. He thinks that aliens may be the cause. At the other end of the country another man attends to the luminous appearances in the sky. A few days later, he has visions of the place where the aliens will arise.

What do you think ? I would say : pulled by the hair, poorly told, or hmm…fro. I just simply say to Steven Spielberg that his idea of close encounters of the third kind/ close encounters of the third kind is to le ! You see where I’m coming from ? If you deliver your rough idea, there is a strong chance that this could be a flop. While this does not mean that it is bad. Isn’t it Steven ?

Let’s go back to the second possibility. To avoid you embark on explanations or details that never end, you must write your idea in a few lines : 2 or 3 not more. And give names, even provisional, to your characters. Take the example of Steven.

  • Claude Lacombe is a specialist in UFOS. While he is in Mexico, he found aircraft of the second world war in perfect condition, so that they had disappeared without a trace. Other strange phenomena occur on Earth. At the other end of the country, Roy attends the appearance of a UFO. A few days later, Roy has more vision on the place where the meeting will take place…

You see the difference ? I just added names, a fact, an issue and this is not at all the same thing.

One more thing regarding the return of your loved ones on your ideas. Many of you tell me on the forums : every time I tell my story, the reactions are : ” ah ! it makes me think of such-and-such a movie “

If you experience this do not panic. All the subjects have been treated. I could give you a multitude of films that speaks of romantic encounters, betrayals, villains or aliens….your subject will necessarily think of a movie, this is not to say that the actions, the twists, the characters and their quests will be the same. The story you write and the processing of it will make all the difference. In a nutshell : let the people speak.

Now up to you to play. Take your idea and synthesize in a few sentences. Go to the most simple. Tell you one thing, if you don’t succeed to do this exercise, it is that vur idea is still fuzzy. An idea fuzzy to you, will inevitably be for the other….

One last thing. We have seen in the previous article that your story was intended to be read. Sometimes you’re going to have to tell the story orally, to a producer, for example. This exercise will help you to know how to tell (pitcher) your story in a way that is clear and accurate, while stimulating the desire to know more…you follow me ?!

This can be

  • Peter is married to Fanny. While he waits for an hour in their favorite restaurant, to celebrate their 15 th wedding anniversary, he sees them sitting around a table with another man. Intrigued Peter gets up and heads towards their table. To her surprise her Fanny and says he does not know…

Thanks to this exercise we see the beginnings of the Synopsis, which we will cover in detail a little later, don’t worry. ATTENTION everything is written in the present.

Summarize :

  • there are no bad ideas
  • Do you trust
  • Nominate your or your main character/the
  • Summarize your idea in 2 or 3 simple sentences.
  • No : this is the story of a guy/girl.
  • It is written in the present

You have to find an idea for a scenario that energizes you or makes you dream.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave me a little message.

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Good Luck,



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