immersion in the cinema, only a question of form ?

This article is written in the framework of the rendez-vous ” is a movie “, presented each month by a number of bloggers cine. This month, the theme of the site is the immersion in the cinema. It is good, and this is not probably by chance, Gravity comes out this month and everyone talks about this film and its power of immersion is incredible. Good lyrics too fast, balanced and my taste !

The 3D and, more generally, the shape of the film to create the immersion

The formal work of Gravity has been put in place in order to immerse the viewer in the heart of the action, to make live what is the character of Sandra Bullock (an astronaut lost in space. Thus, the 3D, the depth-of-field, the clips and the subjective point of view have been thoroughly worked. But is it really that immersion ? In the eyes of many viewers and critics, it would seem that the answer is yes. Personally, during the whole projection I stayed at a certain distance from the character. The fault of a band-its far too noisy and a characterization of the character very banal and not very fine.

For comparison, the immersion is according to me much more strong in the films of Darren Aronofsky. Who has not felt hurt by watching Requiem For a Dream ? The incredible work of the director on the editing created really some thing disturbing. It is a bit like that in Black Swan. The camera is swirling during the dance scenes and you really get the feeling to be on stage, alongside Natalie Portman.

The narration and the characters in the service of the immersion

In addition, I especially want to say that immersion is not necessarily a matter of form, and even less to 3D. What are the films that have me the most is “vibrate” this year ? Any movie with special effects or 3D in the lot.

The two sessions in which I am emerged marked are those movies The Place Beyond The Pines and The life of Adèle. Two dramas that are primarily interested in the journey of their characters. But their emotions are strong, ring true, and you have the sense of living, suffering at their sides. It appears distressing, and that for me, it is a sign that one is entered in the film. If this is not immersion.

To a lesser degree, there are other films in which I’m much more “home” than in Gravity. There are comedies such as Happiness Therapy , and Frances Ha. I have not suffered, I am not necessarily placed in the skin of the characters. But I smiled during almost the entire film. These two films have such energy that they made me dream and have a real fishing during the entire session and exit.

Out of a movie theater in a different state from the one in which I returned, for me that is the cinema ! And so, this is not the 3D that makes me go back in movies, but characters, feelings, a state of mind, an energy…

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