Infected : Bande-Annonce / Trailer (VOSTFR/HD)

Here’s the first trailer for the film Infected

The pitch : as the world is struck by a virus, lethal which is transmitted through the blood and the breath, the four friends, Danny, his brother Brian, Bobby and Kate will cross the country to reach a beach in california, where they will be safe. But as they continue their journey, they will understand that this virus is not the most dangerous enemy.

Infected was directed by Alex Pastor and David Pastor with Lou Taylor Pucci (The Answer Man, the Horsemen Of The Apocalypse), Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs, The Beverly Hills Chihuahua) and Christopher Meloni (The stepfather- The direct stepfather, New York Special Unit). The film is distributed by Metropolitan FilmExport.

Infected will be released in France on may 26, 2010 !


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