Ingrid Bétancourt will have its film

As we have been able to imagine – this is felt when even 50 kilometres to the round – a movie will be made on the kidnapping ofIngrid Bétancourt

At the base women policy and anti-corruption activist, who is very committed, Ingrid Bétancourt was kidnapped by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in 2002.

Issued in 2008, its release has also received a wide echo in the media.

Thing that happens frequently when these “buzz media” – what’s more, it is the woman herself who confirmed that a biopic will be made on the politician. And not by anyone, we talk to Kathleen Kennedy, who is a friend personal of Steven Spielberg, who has produced virtually all films of the director.

Ingrid Bétancourt is expected to release a book in the course of 2010. Regarding the date of filming of this movie, no element has yet been revealed.

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