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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of actress Ingrid Bergman (who died on the 29th of August 1982, the day of his 67th birthday). A true legend of the 7th art, as revealed in Hollywood after having made his classes in Sweden, his native country. For the occasion, the editor of the M6 Video publishes a box set of nine DVDS that assembles the majority of the films ofIngrid Bergman during his period in Swedish : the Tale of The bridge to the monk (1935), The Swedenhielm (1935), The Night of St. John (1935), Intermezzo (1936), Dollar (1938), A woman’s face (1938), One night (1939) and When the flesh is weak (1940). A set that complements the documentary unreleased I’m Ingrid, presented this year at the Cannes Festival in the section Cannes Classics, based on the diaries of the actress, the testimonies of friends and personalities, epochs, and private films in which we discover the natural. The story told by its four children.

Works that are particularly rare, to which we return during the days to come, which will make a subject exciting and rich.

A box all the more interesting that it denotes the true specific periods in the career of the actress. A beginner so in Sweden, she obtained her first film role at 19 years old, in the Tale of The bridge to the monk of Edvin Adolphson. After a dozen films in sweden (interspersed with a brief stint in Germany, Four daughters courageous of Carl Froelich), among which Intermezzo of Gustaf Molander. A movie capital, which will be noticed by the American David O. Selznick who will decide whether to produce, in 1939, the remake of the eponymous film. Ingrid Bergman reprises the same role and sees the doors of Hollywood open to her. It is in the United States, at its beginning, that she perfected her English is “american,” and that it is standing up to a Selznick complicated and willing to change. It will not succeed and résignera to sell it as the actress’s anti-star system. It is necessary, always sure of its choices, growing artistically, becoming an icon and subsequently obtains the success, and the superb career for which he is known. She will receive three Oscars, seven nominations, the best actress in 1945 for Haunting, in 1957 for Anastasia , and in 1975 in a supporting role to the Crime of The Orient Express.

In spite of the american adventure, the Suede will always be something strong for Ingrid Bergman. Something that is not confined to origins. Even if his native country did him not necessarily well – often hard with those who go abroad, she always refused to adopt american citizenship, much to the chagrin of Hollywood, and to forget her past. “As long as Sweden continues, I will not be able to be an American happy , “said she. This did not help, especially when she found herself at the heart of a scandal marriage by leaving her husband to go and live in Italy with the film director Roberto Rossellini , who offer him a role in five of his films, three children, and will mark a new period in his career.

Sweden, she will find it again (or at least the frôlera) at the end of his life by interpreting a pianist Swedish (as in Intermezzo) who resides abroad for a long time, in autumn Sonata, under the direction of his almost homonymous Ingmar Bergman, without a relationship. A role very close to his own life, which could have become autobiographical, if this character of “woman ruthless, self-centered, who has deliberately sacrificed his emotional life to his art ” as written by John Russell Taylor (Admirable Bergman, éditions Ramsay, 1984), was not as much the exact opposite of the character ofIngrid Bergman. The opposite direct of his life, as a tribute, which is in its last presence on the big screen, in 1978, a few years before his death.

With this package containing the main first role ofIngrid Bergman, the majority of whom under the direction of the director Gustav Molander (we find here five of their six collaborations), what are the origins of one of the greatest of actresses and personalities from the film that we discover today. Or how his game, his presence and aura are developed to give birth to the star that we remember now. That of Casablanca, Hitchcock, Rossellini, Anastasia , or perhaps autumn Sonata, this is the choice. The interest of this case comes, therefore, clearly of the films in the self – re-mastered in high definition but has unfortunately not add – – to discover (or rediscover, for a handle, we suppose). Movies rare and little-known who have the beginnings of a career and a life that shine still and always.

Stone Siclier

Find from Saturday, November 7, our reviews of the 8 films in the Swedish box.


+ Box Ingrid Bergman – Period Swedish

+ The Tale of the bridge to the monk (1935)

+ The Swedenhielm (1935)

+ The Night of St. John (1935)

+ Intermezzo (1936)

+ Dollar (1938)

+ A woman’s face (1938)

+ Only one night (1939)

+ When the flesh is weak (1940)

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