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A few months ago the Blog Of The Film was trying to give a helping hand to a young director in grass – Baptiste Bertheuil – and his short film project, ALL-IN.

Today, the dream became a reality and it is with real pleasure that we have interviewed this young man of 24 years about this movie, the first we hope of a long lineage.

As a reminder, here is the teaser of ALL-IN :

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Up to the interview !

Hello Baptiste, what are the origins of ALL-IN ?

Firstly I love poker. It is a fascinating game and there’s a real atmosphere around a table and the atmosphere really.

I’ve started to think about an idea for a scenario taking place during a poker game.

The more time that passed the more this story took on a new importance. I said to myself : what is it that you remember, lance-toi !

Tell us about the mode of financing of ALL-IN ?

ALL-IN is a film self – financed 100% .We have created a page on the crowdfunding site Ulule to find the funding. The principle is simple : any user can choose the amount they want and in exchange it receives consideration, for example, a dvd of the film or an invitation to the premiere. It is only thanks to the generosity of internet users that ALL-IN could occur. Thanks again to them.

The movie has a universe of sound and visual is very successful, how did you come to this technical quality with a budget as tight ?

There is no secret, I have worked with competent people. I’m lucky to know talented folks, and had some free time at this time. The chief operator Jean-Marie Belloteau launched at the same time his company Immersion Pictures it has, therefore, been able to obtain advantageous pricing. Ditto for the music, without the generosity of Emmanuel Lipszyc and his label Beach Records we would never have had the means to get the music 100% original quality.

The film skillfully mixes the codes of the thriller with one of the poker how did you come to this mix ?

I am much inspired by situations that I had lived around a poker table. Also at the level of the replicas and the level of attitudes each character looks like a guy that I’ve been able to cross. According to the codes of the film full of twists and turns I didn’t have to look far poker has still the reputation of a game is unstable in its DNA.

What were your cinematic references for ALL-IN ?

From a visual point of view, The Social Network, David Fincher has been my main reference. The work of cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth about this film, or Fight Club have really been a major source of inspiration. For music I would quote more of the groups of movies, but again the score of ” The Social Network has been the main reference.

What were the biggest challenges of the project ?

The shoot went very well, except for the fact that we were shooting at night with a temperature of around three degrees in a garage without heating.

The hard part came later during the post-production. It really is complicated to find the right people when you have zero budget. I’ve been very fortunate to find talented people accepting to work for free. Obviously it takes more time.

To conclude, what are your next projects ?

I have written several scenarios. The hard part is finding boxes of production lend themselves to support the projects and to accompany them in their developments. These are scenarios that require budgets larger than those that one can obtain with the crownfunding. Notice, therefore, the various production companies who have loved you ALL-IN.

In any case, I guarantee you that there is no longer a question of Poker !

Interview conducted by Wesley

ALL-IN is now registered in several festivals such as the Festival du court-métrage de Clermont-Ferrand.

Fingers crossed and wish him a nice continuity !

PS : The Blog Of the Cinema has had the chance to see ALL-IN and the only word that comes in your mouth after watching is “Too short !”

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