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The Sweets Transvestites form the official fan club français du Rocky Horror Picture Show. For the blog of the film, Christophe and Brigitte (Riff Raff and Magenta), the co-founders, are willing to answer a few questions.

How was your first encounter with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, (read the review of the movie) what is it that you liked? What is it that prompted you to go into the animation ?

Christophe :
I discovered the film in 1996 on Canal +, a night of cult films and the Rocky was part of that. I found the movie way to see boring. And then on arriving in Paris, in 1999, I went to see him at the Studio Galande, knowing that it was the animation and there it was different. The troupe at that time was the “Absent Friends” (which no longer exists) and it was awesome, the movie looks a different way.

Brigitte : I found the Rocky at the same time that Christopher and I loved it immediately. As I told Christophe we went to see it at the Studio Galande, and seeing the scene, I told myself that I wanted to climb it. We will say that it is me who insisted to go back, we sympathized with the Absent Friends, and one night they took Christopher in the room to make Rocky. The next time I’m coming dressed in a Magenta, and 15 days later they told me it asked to do a replacement, and a second.

Tell us how The Rocky Horror Picture Show manages to trip you up as always… at the end of nine years of animation !

Christophe : At the end of 10 years for me and Brigitte (Magenta). Simply because it is a passion. It’s like those who make the piano, the bicycle, which have an activity/hobby.

Bridget : For me that is had a theatrical training, it is obvious that it is a way of being on stage. So I can still play all of the weeks, it is looking to evolve the company to create other shows based on the Rocky Horror and who can play in other rooms (such as recently to the Loco). This allows you to break out of the routine and ” the shackles of the animation “, to be creative in finding our own scenographies and choreographies and variations to the costumes of the film.

Why do you want to embody the characters of Riff Raff and Magenta ?

Christophe : I started with the role of the Narrator, and then Rocky and I have the role of Riff Raff for the past 9 years. Why Is Riff Raff ? Simply because I have the physical and I like it. In our troop, were assigned the roles according to the physical because the goal of the animation is to make the public think to see the actors of the film come out of the screen.

Brigitte : Me at the start, I preferred Columbia, and especially her sequined costumes. But I’ve only played 3 months and finally I took on the role of Magenta, which is much less mobile than Columbia.

Describe quickly the preparation of an evening. During the session, was there any improvisation?

Brigitte : During the week, there is a side of “maintenance” : maintenance and repair of costumes and accessories. Management of the planning for the distribution and rehearsals, preparation and implementation of line of photos, editing of any videos, website update, ” com ” a minimum on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and making flyers for the next session.

Christophe : The preparation of the evening starts by setting up the equipment for the session, and then the dressing and makeup of the facilitators. Everyone is putting the hand to the dough, and everyone knows what he has to do. Then, it is the preparation of the room, covering the walls, then it protects the screen. Then it is the spectators ‘ entrance and the start of the evening.

During the session, there was virtually no improvisation. Anyway we have the constraint of sticking to the images on the screen. From time to time, there may be a new joke that is started by a moderator and if it works we will keep it in our show.

Many of the faithful ?

Christophe : there are the faithful who regularly come to see us, and I know that it was certainly more than we want to think. The problem is that we do not recognize them. If they come in with us at the bar, you can discover them. Moreover, last Saturday, there were 5 spectators with us at the bar who came for the fourth time.

How do you work on the film ? Can you still find the way to renew you in your jokes, in your interactions ?

Christopher : It happens to me from time to time to watch the movie, as it is, or to check something, and in this case I look at it as a whole and I can see that you can do such or such a thing in addition to what it already does. For the renewal on the jokes, it relies a lot on the news. And there may be a joke out of nowhere and that works, and at this time we will keep it.

Brigitte : It is actually quite regular skits on the events of the time, such as Christmas, Epiphany, Valentine’s day… or on the news of the week.

Why do you think a film like the Rocky Horror Picture Show continues to be packed room, almost 35 years after its first screening ?

Christopher : The film is full every Saturday night (and more and more these days), at our meeting, because the Studio Galande is the only cinema in Europe that the projects all week. Also, because word of mouth works very well and also because we do a lot of communication on it.

When I started, the sessions were largely not as full as now. Since 3-4 years, it is complete (jump on very rare occasions, like 1 or 2 times per year) every Saturday. It also has the effect of “Cold Case” once per year. France 2 aired the episode RHPS, 2 years in a row and as soon as the episode ends, the number of visits exploded on the site. Some viewers also tell us that it is largely a show in Paris at 20€ and why not Rocky.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show seems to be the only film to suggest such an interaction with the public… How is it that this has never done this with another movie ?

Christophe : In France, there is the Rocky, which is animated but in the United States, there is an animation on The Shock Treatment (pseudo-sequel to the Rocky), Hedwig in the Angry Inch and Cluedo.

In your opinion, the Rocky Horror Picture Show can appeal to all generations ?

Brigitte: Yes, the Rocky can please everyone (and finally to all those who are not stuffy !). We see in the room people of all ages. Our audience ranges from 10-12 years old to 60-65 years. The more young people are accompanied generally, and the funny thing, is when it is the parents that came there was that 20 years and who come to educate their children as soon as they are 12 years old.

Would you have a particular anecdote to tell us ?

Christophe : Full, but I have too many to choose one. After 10 years of Rocky, one could write a book.

Brigitte : Oh, the most notable event recently has been the advent of the discreet Lenny Kravitz to our session.

If you were to give a few good reasons to come spend the evening with you at the Studio Galande ? (read the article on the evening)

Christophe : To throw water and rice in a cinema (there are people who come here for that !) and for a laugh and forget her problems for 2 hours (like any comedy show, I think).

Brigitte : To participate in an evening “theme” having the opportunity to dress up and also to live an experience ” within the film “.

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