Interview with Julien Richez, 1st assistant camera Part2

Interview Julien Richez, 1er assistant caméra Partie2

Julien Richez,

1 er assistant operator


Here is the second part of the interview of Julien Richez. It will tell us a little more about his role on a film set, his day-to-day. But also his career and his training. If you have not read the first part click here.

Tom Weil : Your worst memory !

Julien Richez : LOL When it gets complicated…hard…every time it is due to the weather conditions or location. I remember that at the beginning of my career, I found myself in the depths of a forest, in the rain, in the mud, at night, in the suburbs of paris with a producer filthy ! I remember it was still in 35 mm…another time lol But the work was cool, it was really the conditions that were unsustainable.

Ha no ! But it is hardly avouable it… (rofl) My very first Job, you can imagine the stress, pride, in short, a first taf ;o)

Good I begin : I did not put a cassette in the camera ! there it is I have said ;o)

But hey you learn a lot from our mistakes. This is not because we made a huge blunder that our career is over ! Attention, it’s also important not to collect them ! Otherwise, it is the door…and you do not work more…


Tom Weil : How do you handle the pressure ?

Julien Richez : I kidding, I’m kidding ! To be serious, I’m pretty cool in life…but let’s be honest, having the benefit of hindsight, it is important. This does not preclude that there are days where I come home, rinsed off !! Often even. Lol

This is due to the fact that, as a 1 st assistant operator, you must be attentive to everything, all the time. After that, the pressure I believe that it is a gym, a workout, such as for high-level athletes ! You learn how to manage it and serve you from this stress, this pressure to surpass yourself.


Tom Weil : she is your typical day like ?

Julien Richez : When I arrive in the morning on the plateau I Check the camera, I accéssoirise according to the plan requested (camera shoulder, stead etc…), I installed the optical, the sun visor and…that’s about all.

It is also necessary to ensure that returns to work, that is for the next technique ! But my typical day on a plate is a complex one. It is a job that you demand 100 % attention all day ! Not only to overcome any potential technical but also artistically. It is necessary that you know the intentions of the film, of game, of the sequence. It should also be in the timing of the game, for example, if I have to make a crossing point.

It is for this reason that it takes an artistic soul. I think it also comes from working. To force to see, making plans. It is a feeling that can be learned. it’s weird…But it is like that….


Tom Weil : Just now, we talked about the training to become 1 assistant operator…Is what you can tell me more about your background ?

Julien Richez : I have had a difficult journey, so pay attention ! When I say difficult it must be to hear the late and chaotic. My parents had (have) a very good situation, I would have been able to have facilities. But for many parents, the middle of the cinema and the television is scary ! Lack of work, paid at the spear of stone, a lot of unemployment…the circus life !! I am certain that you also have to know that ?! (In thousand lol)

So…My parents wanted that I should become a doctor…me I dreamt of images…de to live my passion…so I decided to show them that I could get there !

I’m doing small jobs (ugc, mc do etc..) to have me pay for my studies. I wanted to do 3IS in Paris.

Once again, the audiovisual brings fear to all social categories ! And then, they were still finding it hard to understand your business….what you do in life, but today, they are reassured, they see that it works ;o)

It was also to prove to myself that I could do it. It was important for me, and at the bottom, I think it serves me, today on a tray (be a fighter).


Tom Weil : Your first contract ? How did you managed to make the leap to the professional world ?

Make a school te allows you to create networks, to put one foot in the” middle “. Do you do courses and sometimes these courses takes you from the work. This is what happened to me. I was placed with a lessor camera, a movie was going to be, he was in need of an intern, I was available….and the game was played. But be careful, it is not necessary to believe that one makes his or her living right away ! You have to do quite a number of stage, short, of work not paid, but it is the best way to put the foot in the stirrup. In fact, you don’t do it at the beginning : you are a trainee and you have not paid.


Tom Weil : And your first status intermittent ?

  Julien Richez : My first status of intermittent I had the first year, after my studies, then I lost it the year after that…it should not be forgotten that it is also a profession random.

Then I did an internship at another renter, and then by word of mouth, I arrived on a series of ” la Crim’ “ and it was gone. I started as wizard video (for less than a year), and then the guy above and past the second…so I came second…For 3 years and now first assistant. On a 10-year career, it’s rather fast, but at the same time, I was older than the other, began studies of wizard later on.


Tom Weil : And we can go even faster ?

Julien Richez : This is not a race ! You need to know to take his time. My second at 24 years old, he is second in the past 3 years…It’s possible that he goes faster than me because it is mostly a question of opportunity. But one thing is certain It will be 1 er assistant younger than me, having started it sooner ! But that is all…I would have had to start after the bac…


Tom Weil : Any regrets ?

Julien Richez : No, in fact, I do not regret ! It is not necessary. To tell you everything, the only thing that I would do if I had to redo, this is a sandbox physics…and yet…


Tom Weil : Lol, you’ll end up losing me there !

Julien Richez : Pardon…what I want to say, really, is that you can always say : “look, if I had been able to do this or that” or “it would have had to…” But deep down, I dig my job, my life, I do not see myself doing anything else ! Even in the depths of a forest , in the rain, in the mud, with a director undrinkable !! ROFL. So no, I wouldn’t change nothing to my course ;o)


Tom Weil : One last thing to add ?

Julien Richez : You meet lots of people, you never do the same thing. You are projected into different eras based films, I do incredible things. I meet people with artistic sensibilities incredible. I report of the technical challenges and I have the chance to share it with other technicians as passionate as me !

And then you bring a few things to each of the films that you do, you put something of your imprint.


Thank you Julien for having accepted to play the game. Thank you also for your generosity and kindly share your experience with the readers and users of ” how to make a movie “.

That’s it for this second part of the ITW Julien Richez : 1 er assistant operator. You can now return to the site map by clicking this link.

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