Interview with Liam Cunningham (Sir Davos, GAME OF THRONES)

Was the occasion of the exhibition ‘ Game of Thrones which is taking place this week (8-12 September) at the Carroussel du Louvre in Paris, we had the chance to meet the cast Ian Beattie and Liam Cunningham, who came expressly for the occasion. The two actors who play, respectively, Meryn Trant and Sir Davos Mervault, are income for us on their character, the series and their overall experience.

Attention ! This interview contains many revelations and spoilers on season 5 of Game of Thrones. If you have not yet seen it, it is highly recommended not to read what follows.

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That is what it makes you to be here for the exhibition Game of Thrones ?

Liam Cunningham : If five years ago you had told me that I would be at the Louvre for the exhibition of a tv series I would have replied ” Fuck off ! “. Nothing that being here is a privilege. It is a beautiful place.

Let’s talk about your character, Sir Davos, you have said that your reference was Robert Duvall in the Godfather.

L. C. : absolutely. His character, Tom Hagen, is the adviser of the family. This is a man decent. But it is mostly in reading the script I would have to make the approximation. My character is someone who speaks frankly and who is telling the truth. It has no problems of ego and does not seek power, because he has a loyalty unconscious to his king. I was also told that it was a little like Jiminy Criket, the conscience of Pinocchio, who always says what is good or not.

What is it that you like about your character ?

L. C. : I like the fact that Sir Davos vienna a class pretty low, but at the end it has much more nobility than most of the Lannister or Tyrell, who have an education, money and power. At the base, Davos is a small thief, and yet he has a sense of decency and nobility of nature.

Your wish for your character.

L. C. : I would like to be present until the end. But these bastard will probably kill me before. Look at what they have done with Ned Stark !

Davos does he think really that Stannis is the right king ?

L. C. : Yes, for him, it was the chosen one. The one who had the right to be in this position and who would, therefore, be supported by the people. Davos is based on it.

”It might not end in a happy end all that.”

How did you react when you learned of the death of Shireen ?

L. C. : I was horrified. Especially that at the same time I learned of the death of Stannis. So two characters with whom I’ve worked a lot these past few years. Moreover, these are actors remarkable. Stephen Dilane, I know him since a long time. He is an actor who loves the craft, I have a lot of respect for him. And Kerry Ingram is a young girl, simple and beautiful. It was easy to love. There was a very good relationship between our two characters.

If Stannis was still alive, this would have probably changed something in the next season.

L. C. : In fact, it has gone too far. That would have changed everything, but we can never know the evolution of their relationship now.

About the characters death, do you have any news of John Snow ?

L. C. : Death ! It is totally dead ! Let me tell you how he died. David Benioff, a creator, was supposed to go to Washington where he met President Obama. The latter went directly to him, saying that he had a question. And David has cut net : “Mr. President, it is death. “. We can’t be more clear.

Is there a character from another kingdom with whom you would like to share some of the things ?

L. C. : I’d like to have scenes with Cersei. One of my favorite scene is in the first season. It is in a room with Robert Baratheon, and they have this conversation on their marriage. This is one of the scene that marked me in the series. Not need dragon or of babies being slaughtered, it is a simple relationship between two human beings. A mature conversation. This is where the series is elevated to something more.

Have you been marked by one of the episodes of the previous season ?

L. C. : episode 8. Perhaps this is one of my favorite. This episode is so cinematic. I found it remarkable. And see at the end the walkers white, knowing that this is not finished, as they arrive, it adds a real tension and drama.

A lot of the scenes have shocked the fans.

L. C. : In effect. What I like about this series is that it does not take gloves with the viewer. And the things that hard come to the gentiles. Nothing is simple for them. I know that my daughter was very upset on what is happening to Sansa, and I understand. For Sharren, we wanted to show a representation of religious extremism. One sees convince himself that the death of innocent people is a good thing. It is a vision of a psychotic and that is reflected in the series. If one is unable to tell the difference between what is good and what is evil, then one is taking a dangerous direction.

Sometimes you have to turn with different teams. Is this an additional problem ?

L. C. : In fact we have two teams working in parallel, sometimes even three. It can be a nightmare in terms of logistics. It is difficult to ensure that everything is consistent. It is rare but you can have a producer in the morning and another for a different episode in the afternoon. But this is the proof that the scenarios are really good. Because everything is in perfect harmony, nothing is left to chance.

This is not a bit boring to play always the nice ?

L. C. : It is true that the bad guys are cool, I love the play ! Davos is a nice but it remains questionable. He has been involved in a war all the same. And then again, here, it happens hard things to the gentiles, so we can’t get bored.

Who do you imagine on the Throne at the end ?

L. C. : I assure you that I have no information on it. But I have my own hypothesis. I risk getting killed if I’m right but good. I have this image of a walker white sitting on the Throne smoking a cigar while everything burns around him. (laugh)

More seriously there may have been a clue when Ramsay said ” If you think it will end well is that you did not pay enough attention. “. It might not end in a happy end all that. In any case it didn’t end well for someone that’s for sure.

Do you have any information on the next season ?

L. C. : I have read all the scripts of the next season, and it was almost all shot. It’s going to be awesome ! We are past the books now, and this gives more freedom to the creators. It can go even further. Really it’s going to be a remarkable season !

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