Is 2019 Kia Cerato a good car?

Is 2019 Kia Cerato a good car?

Impressive driving dynamics, good equipment levels and value for money round out the new Cerato. The Kia Cerato may not have the perceived dynamic prowess of the Mazda3 nor the resale values of the Toyota Corolla, but a three week extended test proved it’s very much a contender in the small car category.

What is a Kia Cerato worth?

Kia Cerato Pricing and Specs. The Kia Cerato is available from $25,490 to $35,290 for the 2022 range of models in Sedan and Hatchback body types.

Is Kia Cerato 2014 a good car?

Verdict. There’s a plethora of small cars on the market but the striking Cerato stands out as one of the best thanks to an excellent mix of good road manners, comfortable ride, value for money and pleasing styling.

Why is Kia bad?

Why do Kias have a bad reputation? The Kia brand used to be known for cheap, low-quality automobiles. This is largely because when the brand first launched in the U.S., its vehicles experienced a high number of problems. Since then, Kia has improved its fleet, and the brand is now known for its exceptional reliability.

Where is Kia Cerato made?

South Korea
The Kia Cerato is produced in South Korea.

Is the Cerato hatch the same as the sedan?

Nope, the dimensions show the Cerato hatch to be 4510mm end-to-end, while the sedan is longer at 4640mm. Both are the same height at 1800mm tall, but their widths are different with the hatch being 1445mm across while the sedan is 5.0mm narrower.

How much does a Kia Cerato cost?

The Kia Cerato sedan and hatch are priced the same and the value-for-money is outstanding. The entry grade S with a manual gearbox lists for $20,990, and at the time we published this review you could have it for $19,990 drive-away.

What kind of engine does a Cerato have?

Besides the GT, the Cerato line-up shares a 112kW/192Nm four-cylinder petrol engine. The rest of the Cerato line-up shares a 112kW/192Nm four-cylinder petrol engine. If you want a manual gearbox, then you can only have it with the base grade S, otherwise the six-speed automatic, that is standard in the others, does the shifting for you.

Which Kia Cerato is the most fuel-efficient?

As mentioned above, the GT with its 1.6-litre turbo-petrol four-cylinder is the most fuel-efficient member of the Cerato family and after a combination of open and urban roads Kia says you should see it using 6.8L/100km in both the sedan and hatch.

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