Is 4923 a RHS?

Is 4923 a RHS?

IS 4923 Grade FE 410 Cold Formed CHS/ RHS Tube supplier. The Indian standard or IS 4923 covers the requirements for both hot formed as well as cold formed hollow pipes. Typically the formation of these hollow IS 4923 FE 410 Pipes are either square or rectangular.

Is 4923 a YST210?

Because the IS 4923 Square Hollow Sections is known to have a highly non-corrosive property, these pipes are considered for use in the for mentioned industries….

IS 4923 YST 210 Cold Formed SHS Tube IS4923 YST210 Steel Cold Formed Square Section
YST 210 Square Hollow Section YST 210 Seamless Square Hollow Section

Is 4923 a material grade?

IS 4923 Pipe Equivalent. IS 4923 material specification & equivalent grades are DIN: 2440, 2441, BS: 1387, S: 3589, 1239 (Pt-I) and ISO: 65. Due to their properties, steel pipes made from IS 4923 YST 310 are designed to function exceptionally well under high pressure and high temperatures.

Is 4923 a manual?

According to IS 4923:2017 This Product Manual shall be used as reference material by all Regional/Branch Offices & licensees to ensure coherence of practice and transparency in operation of certification under Scheme-I of Bureau of Indian Standards (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018 for various products.

Is 4923 a pipe?

The is 4923 material specification includes sizes 20mm x 20mm TO 400 x 400mm, Wall Thickness : 0.5mm – 25mm, Length : 6.0 m ± 0.05 m Customized length ranging from 6 m to 11 m, Seamless, Welded or ERW type, Thickness All sizes +/- 10%, length Min 3 Meters, Max18 Meters, or according to customer’s requirement.

Is 4923 a rectangular tube?

The usual shape of IS 4923 YST 210 / 240 / 310 Pipes is either rectangle or square. The hardness coupled with the good minimum yield strength is the main reason why buyers prefer their use in construction.

Is code for mild steel plate?

Mild Steel Is 2062 Plate is a product standard of Bureau of Indian Standards. It specifies standards for High Tensile Structural Steel and Hot-Rolled Medium.

Is code for mild steel pipes?

Mild Steel Pipes Dimensions – IS 1239, IS 3589, IS 4923.

Is 4923 a tensile strength?

Tensile Strength Mpa upto 310 and Min. Tensile Strength Mpa upto 450, Elongation Percent for size 25.4 and under 8 and 25.4 and under 10.

Is Size 4923 a chart?

What does is 4923 stand for?

IS 4923 (1997): Hollow steel sections for structural use – Specification Author Bureau of Indian Standards Subject Published Under the Right to Information Act Created Date 9/5/2013 10:49:28 AM

What is is 4923 steel pipes?

Although the minimum copper content to be added in this particular steel grade is optional while manufacturing the Jindal IS 4923 Steel Pipes. Aside from being used mainly for structural purposes, these carbon steel based IS 4923 YST 210 pipes are used in the transportation of various media.

What is the use of is 4923 hollow section?

The IS 4923 Hollow Section is much appreciated for its use, especially in demanding operations, such as the fore mentioned ones. In the above mentioned industries, where media of varying density is moved across different site, the IS 4923 SHS pipes are often under pressure or load.

What is the thickness of the section 4923?

Outside is the thickness of the section IS 4923 : I!397 f) Length 1) Exact length

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