Is a 3T MRI faster?

Is a 3T MRI faster?

There Are Benefits to the 3T MRI They provide higher detailed images in less time – sometimes 2 to 3 times faster. Though MRIs are especially suited for scans of conditions involving the brain, spine, and musculoskeletal system, 3T MRIs can now scan for new conditions like prostate cancer.

How long does a t3 MRI take?

How long will the exam take? Due to the sophisticated technology of the 3T magnet, most exams can be completed in 15-20 minutes rather than the standard 30-60 minutes utilizing more inferior MR technology.

What is the size of a 3T MRI?

Our 3T wide-bore MRI offers a 70 cm opening with up to 12 inches of headroom – ideal for patients who weigh up to 550 lbs. or those who may have claustrophobia or anxiety. For uninsured patients or those with high deductibles, we offer low rates for self-pay pricing.

Why choose Greater Springfield MRI?

At Greater Springfield MRI, we offer 1.5T Wide-Bore and 3T Wide-Bore MRI services including enhancements for exceptional quality brain, prostate, breast, and orthopedic imaging. We make sure your patients have access quickly with our prior authorization services, same-day appointments, and online access to reports within 48 hours. Learn More.

What kind of MRI services does MetroWest offer?

At MetroWest, we offer 1.5T and 3T MRI, Breast MRI, FAST Breast MRI, Prostate MRI, MR Enterography and MR Arthrography services, prior authorization services, same-day appointments and online access to reports within 24 hours. Learn More. We are proud to partner with Metro West Hospital.

Where can I get an MRI in Lawrence?

We have a convenient locations in Lawrence General Hospital and at the MVHS Imaging Center, offering same-day appointments, and extended hours of operation. Contact us today to schedule your MRI. We use state-of-the-art technology for high-quality MRI, Breast MRI, MRI Guided Breast Biopsy, Prostate MRI, MR Neurography and MR Enterography services.

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