Is a Bergamasco hypoallergenic?

Is a Bergamasco hypoallergenic?

Bergamasco shepherd/Hypoallergenic

What type of dog is a Bergamasco?

The Bergamasco Shepherd, Italian: Cane da Pastore Bergamasco, is an Italian breed of sheepdog. It originated in the Alpi e Prealpi Bergamasche, where it was used as a herding dog for both sheep and cattle.

Are Bergamasco dogs aggressive?

The Bergamasco Sheepdog is not aggressive whatsoever by nature. However, he is still an excellent watchdog and not a fan of random strangers intruding upon his normal daily routine. The Bergamasco is also patient and kind with other dogs as well, so long as he sees them as an equal and not as a threat.

Are there Bergamasco dogs & puppies for sale?

The Bergamasco is a distinctive looking dog with an unusual coat that forms loose mats and cords, all hanging down from the dog”s topline. Read our Bergamasco Buying Advice page for information on this dog breed. Unfortunately no Bergamasco Dogs & Puppies for sale were found.

Where can I find a Bergamasco Italian sheepdog in Maryland?

Windy Hill Bergamascos is a small kennel located in western Maryland. We are committed to follow a responsible breeding program. Bergamasco Italian Sheepdogs are a rare breed. Special care must be taken to ensure genetic diversity, good temperament, and a healthy breed.

What kind of coat does a Bergamasco have?

Its distinguishing feature is its heavy coat which forms naturally into mats. The matted coat gives insulation from the extremes of climate they have to endure in the heights of the Alpine pastures. The Bergamasco is an instinctive herder and is used both as flock herd and flock guard.

Are Bergamasco dogs coming back from extinction?

Luckily enthusiasts of the breed in their native Italy pulled the Bergamasco back from the brink of extinction and over the years the number of extraordinary dogs has risen not only in Italy but in other countries of the world including here in the UK. Is the Bergamasco a vulnerable breed?

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