Is a Scirocco better than a golf?

Is a Scirocco better than a golf?

The fear had been that we’d get the new mk6 Golf GTI on the same roads as the Scirocco 2.0 TSI and discover that we couldn’t tell them apart. Not so. In fact some of the differences are striking, and not all of them favour the newer car….

Golf GTI Scirocco TSI
evo rating 4.5/5 4.5/5

Whats faster Golf R or Scirocco?

The Golf R has permanent four-wheel drive while the ‘Roc remains front-drive only, giving the hatch the edge over the coupe in the 0-62mph battle: the Golf will nail the sprint in 5.7 seconds, while the Scirocco takes a lethargic 6.0 seconds.

Is a Scirocco faster than a golf?

Performance & handling You would assume the Scirocco R uses the same engine as the Golf R, but you would be wrong. The Scirocco R has a 2.0-litre TSI that outputs 276bhp. The Golf R’s 296bhp four-cylinder engine allows it to hit 0-62mph in 5.1 seconds with the six-speed manual and 4.9 seconds with the six-speed DSG.

Is the Volkswagen Scirocco a good car?

Whatever. It’s ruddy good, is what it is. The Scirocco retains the funky spirit of the original but blends this with modern practicality and driving satisfaction. Indeed, Volkswagen has now enhanced this with the facelifted model, adding further polish to the package.

What’s new on the Scirocco?

In 2014, the Scirocco was facelifted with subtle changes made to the exterior and an improved fit and quality of materials on the inside, while the biggest news was the introduction of the GTS and a faster R.

Is the Scirocco a tarted up GTI?

“ It’s been said the Scirocco is a tarted up Golf GTI. Possibly. Doesn’t stop it being awesome, though ” What is it? Some say it is an icon reborn. Others, that it is Volkswagen shamelessly pillaging its back catalogue. A couple even postulate it is simply a Golf GTI in a little black dress. Whatever. It’s ruddy good, is what it is.

What kind of engine does a 1974 Volkswagen Scirocco have?

The original 1974 Volkswagen Scirocco was a replacement for the Karmann Ghia and, setting the template for all future Sciroccos, was underpinned by Golf mechanicals – amazingly, some versions had as little as 60bhp. A Mk2 Scirocco replaced it in 1982, later variants of which shared the Golf GTI’s 1.8 16v engine.

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