Is a Stryd pod worth it?

Is a Stryd pod worth it?

If you want a very reliable footpod, Stryd is a good option and that is how I use it. For me the power number don’t provide extra value over pace so I go by pace when planning and executing workouts.

Is Stryd really accurate?

Stryd is very accurate out of the box, and calibration is not required for most runners. If you are interested in verifying this, you need to test it against a known distance. We recommend using a track. From experience, we know that even certified competition tracks can be off up to 1%.

How much is a Stryd?

At $9/month, we’re in the same realm as deep training analytics platforms like TrainingPeaks (without plans), or the cost of a running power plan using Final Surge (which is free as a platform, and with far deeper analytics too).

What does the Stryd pod do?

Stryd is a small shoe-worn pod that clips effortlessly onto your shoe laces a bit like a marathon race-timing chip. Inside the lightweight, 10g carbon-fibre enhanced pod are sensors that measure the acceleration of your foot horizontally, vertically and laterally as it strikes the ground.

Can you use Stryd for cycling?

Stryd communicates via the standard wireless methods of ANT+ and Bluetooth with other devices. This means it will connect and record to many bike computers as a cycling power meter would.

Does Stryd work with strava?

Strava works with Stryd. You will see a graph of your run power when viewing your activity using the Strava mobile app.

Can I use Stryd for cycling?

Stryd can send the same data that a cycling power meter would, so any watch that supports the cycling power meter will support stride in the same way. This gives some good support for power, and in indoor cycling mode you should be able to get pace, distance, and cadence data from the stride as well.

Is Stryd more accurate than treadmill?

It knows the displacement from one stride to the next and, from that info, the speed you are running at on the treadmill. The reported pace and distance from your Stryd pod will be a far better representation of your true running speed.

Does Stryd work on a treadmill?

Yes. Using Stryd indoors is a great way to capture running power as well as pace and distance. An additional benefit: Stryd will report true treadmill pace and distance. We have found that most treadmills have a difficult time of keeping a consistent, accurate pace when a runner is on the machine.

Can I use Stryd for walking?

With the current firmware, Stryd will give you power while hiking. You might find yourself running uphill at a slow pace (cadence > 130 SPM) where you could walk at the same pace (cadence < 130 SPM). Once you switch to walking, you will see your power drop. If you need additional assistance, contact [email protected]

Is Stryd pod waterproof?

Stryd is splash-proof and even IP67 compliant. However, you cannot use Stryd when running through puddles, streams and rivers. The reason is that water can be forced into the device since the pressure can be more than what Stryd is designed to handle. We recommend stepping around the stream if you are using Stryd.

Can you use Stryd for cycling on Zwift?

The Stryd connects to Zwift in the same way as other devices. Open the pairing screen and search under Speed Source and Cadence Source. As long as your Stryd is charged it should appear as an option. Occasionally you might need to tap or shake the footpod to ‘wake’ it.

What is Stryd and how do I use it?

STRYD can be set to transmit various other averages to Garmin watches via the app settings in Garmin Express or your smartphone’s CIQ app. No calibration is required. Enable auto-calibration and always being used as a source of pace and distance if your watch allows that setting – this is true for 99% of you and it’s what I do.

How long does the Stryd battery last?

Stryd uses a rechargeable battery that they claim lasts about 20 hours. That’s good enough for most runners, but may be a problem for longer ultramarathons. Stryd recharges through a small cradle (earlier versions used wireless charging.) Stryd uses a 9-axis sensor rather than the typical Footpod that uses a 3-axis sensor.

How do I use the Stryd workout app?

We’ve put together a great guide on how to use the Stryd Workout App here. By far the easiest way to do a Stryd structured workout is via the Stryd Apple Watch app. Simply launch the app on your watch, select ‘workouts’, confirm that your workout is there (or tap ‘fetch workouts’ to update your list), and start the run!

Can I use Stryd power with a running watch?

Some running watches can provide support for STRYD power natively or via Garmin CIQ or via an Apple app Pace & Distance from STRYD – this basically means treadmill compatible Pace & Distance from STRYD with GPS enabled to record your route – this means you can override one or both of Pace/Distance when used outside

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