Is Apache RTR 160 worth buying?

Is Apache RTR 160 worth buying?

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V with ABS is priced from Rs 90,133 to Rs 99,133 (ex-showroom) Delhi. At this price, it is the most expensive motorcycle, but also the best-selling. As said, the price range is higher, but given its features and better performance, the extra bucks should not matter.

What is the mileage of Apache RTR 160 old model?

A: As reported by Apache RTR 160 owners, mileage of Apache RTR 160 is 45kmpl.

Is TVS Apache old model available?

TVS Apache -160-Rear Disc ( Old Style ) ( Ex-showroom price starting from – Rs 74,705) (Book for Rs 3,000)

Which is best for Apache RTR 160?

In technical specifications, TVS Apache RTR 160 is powered by 159.7 cc engine , while TVS Apache RTR 160 4V is powered by 159.7 cc engine….TVS Apache RTR 160 vs TVS Apache 160 4V Summary.

Apache RTR 160 Front Disc Apache RTR 160 4V Front Disc, Rear Drum
Max Power 15.53 PS @ 8400 rpm 17.63 PS @ 9250 rpm

Which is the best model of Apache?

TVS Apache Mileage The most fuel efficient TVS Apache model is Apache RTR 160 with real mileage of 45 kmpl. Whereas the most fuel consuming model is Apache RR310 with average of 30 kmpl.

Which is better Pulsar 150 or Apache RTR 160?

The engine in the Apache RTR 160 makes 15.53 PS and 13.9 Nm . TVS offers the Apache RTR 160 in 6 colours whereas the Bajaj Pulsar 150 comes in 7 colours. Out of 893 user reviews, Pulsar 150 scores 4.4 whereas the TVS Apache RTR 160 tallies 4.6 out of 5 based on 748 user reviews.

Which is best TVS Apache?

TVS Apache User Reviews

  • TVS Apache RTR 160. Apache 160 Is An Excellent Bike.
  • TVS Apache RTR 160 4V. Best bike in 160 cc segment.
  • TVS Apache RTR 200 4V. Very Promising Bike.
  • TVS Apache RTR 180. Awesome bike.
  • TVS Apache RR 310. RR310 best sports bike for daily use.

Is Apache 160 good for long rides?

All said and done, the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V is a great city bike that you can take on long rides as well. The bike offers a fantastic engine performance, superb handling and ample comfort which is a rare combination in this segment.

What is the fuel capacity of Apache RTR 160?

Apache RTR 160 4V fuel tank capacity is 12 Liter. On fuel tank ” TVS ” logo and graphic are there. The fuel tank desigen is spotty and beautiful. Apache RTR 160 4V seat height is 80 mm.

What is the mileage of TVS Apache RTR 160?

As reported by TVS Apache RTR 160 owners, the real mileage of Apache RTR 160 is 45 kmpl. It delivers better mileage that 74% of street bikes. BikeWale collects mileage information from bike owners to provide you with the actual mileage that you might get.

What is the reserve tank capacity of Apache RTR 160?

The reserve fuel capacity of TVS Apache 160 RTR is 2.5 liters and as per user experiences mileage of this bike in city riding conditions is around 45 kmpl while on highway it is around 55 kmpl, so with reserve fuel capacity you can go around 110 kms in city riding conditions while on highway you can go around 130 kms.

How is the Apache RTR 160 4V?

The TVS Apache RTR 160 4V has been the benchmark in the 160cc sporty commuter space, offering a highly competent handling package with a frugal and zippy heart. Its superiority in the class was, however, dampened with the BS6 updates and the arrival of the

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