Is Ashley Furniture owned by Value City?

Is Ashley Furniture owned by Value City?

Ashley Furniture and Value City Furniture are family-owned retailers with a passion for quality furnishings. For these brands, customer service joins affordability, style, and comfort on the list of key values. A few differences between Ashley Furniture and Value City Furniture may help you decide where to shop.

Who makes Value City Furniture?

American Signature, Inc.
American Signature, Inc. is a privately owned furniture company based in Columbus, Ohio. It is the parent company of the retail brands American Signature Furniture and Value City Furniture, and the manufacturer brand American Signature.

Does Value City make their own furniture?

Value City is a furniture retail chain that is found throughout the midwest, southern, and eastern states. Their claim to fame is their direct from the manufacturer value with many collections offered from factories that they own in the US.

Is Value City and American Signature?

Value City Furniture and American Signature Furniture are both owned by American Signature, Inc., which operates 129 stores across the country. The store also features a wonderful selection of bedroom furniture, mattresses, dining room and kitchen sets, as well as furniture for kids.

Who builds Ashley Furniture?

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. is an American home furnishings manufacturer and retailer, headquartered in Arcadia, Wisconsin. The company is owned by father and son team Ron and Todd Wanek….Ashley Furniture Industries.

Type Private
Subsidiaries Ashley Furniture HomeStore

What kind of furniture do they sell at Value City?

Living Room Furniture Shop living room furniture including sectionals, sofas, chairs, chaises, recliners and more. Find your perfect living room at Value City Furniture. Shop living room furniture including sectionals, sofas, chairs, chaises, recliners and more.

Is Value City a good brand for mattresses?

The cons: Some disagreements about durability in some cases. Value City also offers a variety of mattresses for those that are looking for better sleep. Similar to their other options, their mattress selection is affordable and features both their own Dream-in-a-box brand along with other brands like Beautyrest.

Does Value City have outlet and clearance deals?

The last thing that customers are on the hunt for are outlet and clearance deals. While Value City doesn’t have explicit outlet stores, they do have clearance deals to choose from both online and in their various stores.

What are the different types of wooden bed options at Value City?

Similar to other wooden options, Value City’s selection includes affordable styles in contemporary and classic styles. These often feature veneered wood options and include children’s options such as bunk beds and twin sizes. Most customers like these options with some complaints about durability and delivery.

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