Is Billion Dollar Brows a good brand?

Is Billion Dollar Brows a good brand?

Uninspired by most products on the market, Natalie Plain founded BILLION DOLLAR BROWS in Los Angeles after telling a cosmetic lab her idea for a brow brand. Fifteen years later, BILLION DOLLAR BROWS is still going strong with a wide range of cruelty-free, professional quality products.

How much is Billion Dollar Brows?

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This item Billion Dollar Brows Universal Eyebrow Pencil, 0.009 oz.
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Is Billion Dollar Brows vegan?

Billion Dollar Beauty is 100% vegan.

How do henna brows work?

Plus, unlike traditional chemical-based tints that dry out or damage eyebrows, henna brows coats the hair locking in moisture keeping hair healthy and hydrated which often encourages hair growth. The henna stains the skin beneath the brows for up to a week with the tint lasting on the eyebrows for 6-8 weeks.

Is billion Dollar Brows vegan?

What is a brow highlighter?

THE BROWS. First things first, the Brow Highlighter is the perfect product to enhance, lift and frame your brows. Draw a fine line under the brow and blend downwards with our specially designed Brow Highlighter Brush and voila, your brow game will be a step above the rest.

How do you use Bourjois Brow duo sculpt pencil?

How to use: Delicately comb eyebrows before applying the pencil. Apply the pencil on the brow hair following the brow line. Apply the highlighter under the eyebrow arch and blend.

What is billion dollar brows?

Billion Dollar Brows was created by former television producer Natalie Plain to provide high quality, easy-to-use eyebrow products to customers around the globe. Product information Color:Universal Brow Pencil. Product Dimensions 6.8 x 0.88 x 0.88 inches; 0.1 Ounces Item Weight 0.099 ounces Manufacturer

Does the Universal Brow Pencil need sharpening?

CONVENIENCE: Our Universal Brow Pencil is automatic – it never needs sharpening. As always, our non-waterproof products wash off easily with simple soap and water.

What is a brow kit?

A brow kit is a great way to get the tools you need paired together for the best outcome. We’ve put together a list of our favorite BDB Brow Kits to help you find the perfect products for you.

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