Is Boeing 777 better than 747?

Is Boeing 777 better than 747?

The 747 has not only a longer range (albeit by only a small margin) but the 747 is also faster than the 777. The 747 also has a higher service ceiling than the 777, which helps it travel faster. Boeing 747 vs 777: Which is truly Boeing’s best large jet?

What is the difference between Boeing 777-300 and 777 300ER?

Specification-wise, the two planes are relatively similar, although the 777-300ER has a larger wingspan. Aside from that, the length, passenger capacity, height, fuselage width, etc. is the same across the 777-300 and the -300ER. The 777-300ER has a range of 7,370 nautical miles or 13,649 kilometers.

Which is bigger a 747 or 757?

the Boeing 757 which is 124 ft. Airlines. The Boeing 747 is much larger then the 757. A Boeing 757 usually seats around 200 passengers while the 747 can seat up to 460 passengers.

Is the Boeing 747 bigger than the 777?

Boeing has continued this trend with both the 747 and 777, although the 747 is noticeably larger than the 777, just by looking at it! Initially, this was not meant to be the case.

Are Boeing’s 747 and 777 aircraft still in service?

Both the 747 and 777 have been among Boeing’s most successful aircraft. As such, both aircraft have been modified extensively, both to compete with competing aircraft and to fit with their customers’ demands. This has created several variants of both aircraft, many of which are still flying to this day.

How much does it cost to operate a Boeing 777?

Boeing states the total operating cost is closer to $13,450.00 per hour or about $28.80 per seat per hour. Boeing states that under regular conditions, the 777-200LR should cost around $9,750.00/hour to operate, with the 777-300ER at a cost of $10,250.00/hour to operate.

What are the different types of Boeing 747s?

By far the most common variant of the 747 is the 747-400, which remains as one of only two 747 variants still operating regularly scheduled passenger flights for the world’s major airlines. The most common variant of the 777 is the 777-300, currently serving as both a cargo and passenger aircraft.

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