Is bog oak expensive?

Is bog oak expensive?

Bog-wood is often removed from fields and placed in clearance cairns. It is a rare form of timber that is claimed to be “comparable to some of the world’s most expensive tropical hardwoods”.

What was so special about the bog oak?

Bog Oak is one of the world’s rarest and sought-after species of bog wood. Deprived of oxygen, the wood undergoes a slow morta-formation process, where water currents help bind earthly minerals and iron with tannins in the wood, giving the wood a natural, beautiful stain, unlike anything else.

What is Irish bog wood?

Bog wood is wood from ancient trees that were buried in peat bogs and preserved for hundreds or thousands of years. Irish bog wood usually dates to between 1 AD and 4,000 BC, but the oldest bog wood found in Ireland dates to 7,000 BC. As the bogs spread, trees at the edges of the bogs were drowned (Fig. 2).

Where does bog wood come from?

It comes from trees that fell thousands of years ago and were buried and preserved in peat bogs. They lay beneath the surface, undisturbed in the acidic bog conditions, until the fens began to be drained. Then, as the peat dried out and shrank, the tree trunks became gradually closer to the surface of the soil.

Is bog oak black or brown?

The extremely low oxygen conditions of the bog protect the wood from normal decay, while the underlying peat provides acidic conditions where iron salts and other minerals react with the tannins in the wood, gradually giving it a distinct dark brown to almost black color.

Why is bog oak expensive?

Since there is such a limited supply of the wood—with Bog Oak essentially being the very early stages of fossilization—prices for this type of wood are very high. A special thanks to Steve Earis for providing the wood sample of this wood species. Related Species: Black Oak (Quercus velutina)

Is bog oak brittle?

It can not be rushed – Using artificial means to speed up the process would only result in a material that is brittle and prone to damage. In their Bog Oak Studio in Clane, Co.

Is bog oak hard?

Bog Oak is an exceptionally hard wood, often characterized by its beautiful rings, its unique cracks, its stunning grain and overall extraordinary texture.

What does Bog Oak look like?

The colour of bog oak generally varies throughout the trunk, with the outer part being a dense black colour as it has had more exposure to the minerals and iron, whilst the inner parts fade from dense black to light brown as the level of exposure reduces.

What makes our bog oak and bog wood sculptures unique?

Within Kevin and Michael’s range of unique bog oak and bog wood sculptures are creations that are very popular and suitable as retirement gifts. Many of the smaller bog oak and bog wood sculptures are created around a theme but each finished piece is unique by virtue of the fact that each piece of wood used is 100% unique.

What do we do at bogwood sculptures?

We create unique sculptures and gifts in bogwood. Sculptures chosen by you that we will custom make. and milestones…. Wish stones are mini sculptures with messages engraved on them for a special person or date they are organic; ancient… stones roots…..

What is bog-deal wood?

The term bog-oak is often used to describe all types of bog-wood; in other counties, bog-deal is used in the same way. There are three main types of bog-wood – oak, pine & yew. All can be suitable for wood sculpture. Some roots, and even trunks, were buried in the wet marshy land, which was slowly developing into our modern bog-land.

Is bog oak a good retirement gift for an Irish national?

Indeed, the clear connection between bog oak, Irish culture and tradition makes it a wonderful and appropriate retirement gift for any Irish national. View Kevin’s bog wood gift gallery | View Michael’s bog wood gift gallery.

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