Is Bonpoint French?

Is Bonpoint French?

The Bonpoint brand, founded in 1975 by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen, represents 40 years of French ‘savoir-faire’ and creativity in children’s fashion. Bonpoint childrenswear embodies pure French elegance, positioned between tradition and modernity, sophistication and humour.

Where is Bonpoint?

Quality and style is one thing Bonpoint, which was launched over 40 years ago in Paris, knows well. It’s a unique brand in the universe of children’s clothing in that it functions like a couture house, with a 25-person-strong atelier in Paris and fashion shows during Paris’s Haute Couture Fashion Week.

Who is Bonpoint?

Founded in 1975, Bonpoint is billed as the only French couture house dedicated to children’s wear, famous for it Liberty-print Duchesse dresses with smocking details, and for its luxe baby clothes.

What does Bonpoint mean?

Embonpoint, pronounced “ahm-bohn-PWAH,” is, you guessed it, French in origin. It comes from the phrase “en bon point,” which literally means “in good shape.” Embonpoint is generally a compliment, not a criticism — it doesn’t mean overweight or fat.

Where are Bonpoint clothes made?

Bonpoint is a Paris clothing house founded in 1975 that provides modern and French-inspired clothing fashions for infants and children. The majority of their clothing is manufactured in Italy, Spain, and other eastern European countries, with embroidery being hand-sewn in India.

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Where can I buy Bonpoint products?

Discover Bonpoint collections in the boutique at La Vallée Village or from the comfort of your home via Virtual Shopping service. Since its first collection, the Bonpoint children’s fashion House, founded in 1975, stands out by its audacious style.

Who is Dominique Bompoint?

Dominique Bompoint has been admitted to the Paris Bar since 1989. His main areas of intervention cover mergers and acquisitions; corporate and financial restructurings; corporate and commercial litigation; corporate governance; shareholders agreements; securities laws; bankruptcy law; IPOs and financing transactions.

Who is the founder of Bonpoint?

Marie-France Cohen – Founder. Bonpoint is the French fashion house for children with over 110 addresses worldwide in 27 countries.

What is Bonpoint childrenswear?

Bonpoint childrenswear embodies pure French elegance, positioned between tradition and modernity, sophistication and humour. Bonpoint is the brand for 0-12 year olds that parents are smitten with. Since 1975, it has risen to the ranks of a “French fashion house for children”.

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