Is Caesarstone the same as reconstituted stone?

Is Caesarstone the same as reconstituted stone?

While Caesarstone is a specific brand, you’ll see the name used interchangeably with “engineered stone” and “reconstituted stone”. These terms all refer to the same kind of material – typically 90-95% stone powder, bound together by petrochemical resin.

Which stone is best for kitchen benchtops?

Sealed granite If you want your kitchen to have all the bells and whistles and your budget allows it, a natural stone like granite is a great option for your benchtop. It’s extremely durable and will be a life-long feature in your home.

What is the cheapest type of stone benchtop?

Like travertine, limestone is among the cheaper of natural stone options. Again, with a minimal additional investment for regular maintenance, resealing and care, limestone is a savvy choice for anyone looking for a beautiful, long-lasting and durable benchtop.

How much do stone benchtops cost Australia?

Expect to pay around $400 to $600 per square meter for an engineered stone benchtop, plus installation. Stone is sold in slabs, so you may also be quoted this way.

Is reconstituted stone strong?

It is this that makes cast stone such a versatile and useful building material. In many cases it outperforms natural stone in key areas – strength, resistance to moisture penetration and consistency of colour.

Is reconstituted stone good?

Reconstituted stone is made up of real stone crushed down and bound with an acrylic resin to create a workable surface. Reconstituted stone is a high performance and low maintenance product that is beautifully engineered for modern living.

What is reconstituted stone benchtops?

Reconstituted or engineered stone benchtops are made from crushed rocks instead of slabs, making for a smaller environmental footprint than the natural stones do. This is why they are easily replacing the use of natural stones in current homes.

What is reconstituted stone?

Why are stone benchtops so expensive?

Stone benchtops cost more to install than laminate benchtops as there is more work involved in cutting it to size. If you’re looking for a black stone benchtop, compare natural granite prices and appearance with engineered stone first. Absolute black granite, for example, is one of the most expensive natural stones.

What is a reconstituted stone benchtop?

Known also as engineered stone, reconstituted stone benchtops are manufactured from a blend of aggregate chips, resins, pigments and other binders. This manufacturing process makes the finished product very consistent in colour from one slab to another.

What size do benchtops come in Brisbane?

Brisbane & Australia-Wide Kitchen Benchtops. We have 16 colour options of engineered stone that are backed with a 10 year warranty. Available in 20mm and two size options- 3200x600mm or 3200x900mm deep.

What kind of stone do you use for kitchen benchtops?

We specialise in kitchen STONE BENCHTOPS – natural and reconstituted stone products from various suppliers such as Caesarstone, Smartstone, Quantum Quartz, Essastone, Silestone, TrendStone, etc. as well as the variety of natural marble and granites.

Why smartsmartstone for your kitchen benchtops?

Smartstone is where the beauty of natural stone meets the durability of quartz. It is the ultimate choice for stone kitchen benchtops, as well as the ideal surface for an almost-endless array of interior applications.

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