Is Coyote Logistics part of UPS?

Is Coyote Logistics part of UPS?

UPS (NYSE:UPS) today completed the closing of the acquisition of Coyote Logistics, a technology-driven, non-asset based truckload freight brokerage company. Coyote will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of UPS under the leadership of CEO Jeff Silver.

Why did UPS buy Coyote Logistics?

The deal is intended to help bolster UPS’s presence in the freight brokerage business, which is expected to help the delivery company become more efficient in using its fleet of familiar brown trucks. Coyote, which contracts with more than 35,000 trucking companies, garnered $2.1 billion in sales last year.

How do I track a coyote shipment?

Clients can track the shipment by accessing the login section of the Coyote Logistics webpage. Shipments tracked by entering a unique user id and password. Visit here to Sign in to the portal. If you don’t have an account then you call the Coyote Logistics support team to 877-6-COYOTE.

When did UPS buy Coyote Logistics?

July 2015
UPS purchased Chicago-based Coyote in July 2015 in the largest acquisition in its 111-year history.

Are Coyote Logistics Private?

The nine-year-old logistical firm, which is based in Chicago and owned by the private equity firm Warburg Pincus, says it connects 12,000 customers to a network of more than 35,000 trucking operators across North America.

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Where is Coyote Logistics located?

Coyote Logistics is headquartered in Chicago, IL and has 8 office locations across 5 countries.

When did ups buy Coyote Logistics?

Does Coyote own trucks?

Coyote Logistics (“Coyote”) is a freight brokerage company operating in the third-party logistics industry. These brokers operate using a “non-asset based” business model where they do not own the trucks or inventory themselves but rather facilitate the transaction between the two parties.

Why did ups buy Coyote Logistics?

Coyote, founded in 2006, used technology and a young staff to quickly rise to the elite ranks of freight brokers, making the company an attractive target for UPS. Workers at the Chicago office of freight brokerage company Coyote Logistics LLC, which announced Friday an agreement to be acquired by United Parcel Service Inc.

Who is Coyote freight?

Mr. Silver founded Coyote in 2006, one of several entrants into the freight world around that time that sought to use technology to win the business of retailers and manufacturers. Coyote expanded quickly, gaining traction with businesses that were outsourcing an increasing amount of their transportation and logistics needs.

How big is cargocoyote’s revenue?

Coyote’s nearly $2 billion in revenue last year placed it 17th among third-party logistics providers, a wider universe of companies that includes freight brokers, according to Armstrong & Associates, a research firm.

Why choose Coyote as your 3PL?

Work with a trusted 3PL that can meet all your high-volume capacity, equipment and project needs through Coyote’s multi-modal marketplace and access to UPS’ large asset network. Easily manage and track your freight on-demand using CoyoteGO®. Easily manage and track your freight on-demand using CoyoteGO®. Business is moving faster than ever.

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