Is Dr Vegapunk good or evil?

Is Dr Vegapunk good or evil?

Although, granted that HE is an EVIL GENIUS, he was said to be captured by the Marines and was made to be their Chief Master Scientist in the WG.

Who is Franky’s love interest?

Like Sanji, Franky does find Robin attractive, complimenting her looks when they reunite after the timeskip.

What devil fruit does Franky have?

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Devil Fruits Based: Nikyu Nikyu no Mi • Jiki Jiki no Mi • Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus
Weapon Based: Cyborg Tactics/Armored Me • Battle Smasher ≠ • KX Launcher
Fighting Style-Based: Haki • Electro • Sulong

Who is Robin’s love interest onepiece?

Roronoa Zoro Robin and Zoro have a unique relationship and also arguably the most in common out of all the Straw Hats.

Does Franky meet Vegapunk?

7.2 and Episode 453, Franky stumbles upon Vegapunk’s old home.

Why did Kuma become a cyborg?

Kuma is an enormous man, being 689 cm tall. He bears the tattoo “PX-0” on the left side of the base of his throat, after the final touches were done on him becoming a complete cyborg before the Summit War of Marineford.

Are Robin and Franky a thing?

Canon. Franky and Nico Robin are crew mates in the Straw Hat Pirates. They are good friends and get on very well with each other. Franky played an important role in freeing Robin as Luffy was caught up fighting against Rob Lucci.

Why did Franky kiss the factory manager?

When Senor Pink charged in, Franky used a suplex move to smash her head against that of Senor Pink’s, causing Kyuin to fly into a fury. Franky then shut her up by kissing her. Confused at first, she blushingly told Franky to take responsibility for his actions and become her boyfriend only to be scolded by Senor Pink.

What does Franky’s new form look like?

This form is completely different in appearance to his previous cyborg body. Notably, he is several times larger and has more conventional cyborg parts. As in his previous form, Franky is fueled by cola. Head: Upon his head, Franky has several changes in this configuration.

What is frankfranky’s real name?

Franky, real name Cutty Flam, is the crew’s shipwright. His eccentric behavior (SUUUPPERRR!!) and habit of wearing speedos lead many to brand him a pervert (which he takes pride in), yet he is loyal and protective of his friends, often calling them his “little bros”.

What is Franky’s strongest weapon?

Strong Right: Franky is able to separate and fire his chained right forearm like a rocket at an opponent and reel it back in for further damage as well as recovery. Strong Hammer: First, Franky removes the skin on his right hand.

Does frankfranky triangle Jacker sideburns grow back?

Franky Triangle Jacker: Along with the majority of his hair, his sideburns have also been modified in the form of razor sharp weapons which he can shoot at the opponent. The sideburns grow back immediately after they’ve been removed.

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