Is Drinkworks discontinued?

Is Drinkworks discontinued?

Beverage companies Anheuser-Busch InBev and Keurig Dr Pepper have discontinued the production of Drinkworks, their at-home alcohol dispensing system. Based on the discontinuation, Drinkworks is offering consumers refunds on their purchases.

Why was Drinkworks discontinued?

Drinkworks offered no details on why it was shutting down. It’s possible investors, including Anheuser-Busch and Keurig Dr Pepper, decided to stop funding the venture. Perhaps not enough consumers were embracing the machine, or they were turned off by the cost.

How much does the Drinkmaker cost?

Drinkmaker pods cost $15.99 and CO2 cartridges are $15.99 for a two-pack.

How much are Drinkworks pods?

Similar to the Keurig Coffee Maker, the Drinkworks Home Bar uses pods to make cocktails, beer and mixers. The machine costs $299, with each pod costing $3.99 individually or $15.99 for four.

Who makes Drinkworks?

Keurig Dr Pepper
Drinkworks, a joint-venture between Keurig Dr Pepper and Anheuser-Busch that debuted its first device in 2018 in a pilot program, is one such product, making it typically easy and convenient to enjoy pre-batched cocktails from pods inserted into it.

How long does a Drinkworks co2 cartridge last?

Step 3

Water Filter Pod Storage
Contents 2 Water Filters 1 Pod Storage Tower
Function Helps remove water impurities and keeps drinks tasting great Space-saving slim design to hold your favorite cocktail variety Pods
Usage Replace about every 2 months Stores up to 20 Pods

Does Walmart sell Drinkworks pods?

Drinkworks Home Bar By Keurig, Drink Maker, Brews Wine, Cider, Beer, and Mixes Cocktails, Pods Sold Separately, Black –

How long does a Drinkworks CO2 cartridge last?

What brand of alcohol does Drinkworks use?

Drinkworks has a “Top Shelf” line of cocktail pods which are made with brand-name spirits like Jack Daniels, Chambord and Herradura, while their standard pods are made with generic spirits and liqueurs.

Can you put alcohol in Keurig?

Warning: Okay, before we go on, let’s get this out of the way—don’t fill your Keurig with whiskey. Alcohol is flammable. The Keurig is meant to be filled with water. No water would be diluting our terrible decision!

What is the drinkworks drinkmaker?

The Drinkworks Drinkmaker helps you go from start to sip in under 60 seconds. Bar-quality drinks, freshly made, at the push of a button. Enjoy delicious drinks, perfectly-chilled, in under a minute. Drinkworks elevates the everyday, transforming ordinary evenings into extraordinary nights.

How do you use a drinkworks cocktail machine?

Drinkworks, like a Keurig coffee maker, is an all-in-one cocktail machine as the pods already contain alcohol. To get the Drinkworks system set up, add the filter, water and ice to the water container and screw in a CO2 cartridge. To make a drink in the Drinkworks cocktail machine, fill the water chamber with ice and water and turn the machine on.

What is the drinkworks home bar?

The Drinkworks Home Bar prepares bar-quality cocktails, freshly made at the push of a button. Liquid-filled Pods contain the ingredients needed for each beverage, including the alcohol. With over 40 drinks to choose from, there is something for everyone.

What is a bartesian cocktail maker?

With the Bartesian cocktail maker, you can experience the quality ingredients and premium pours you’d expect from a cocktail lounge in your own home – all at the touch of a button! Fill the Bartesian with your favorite brands of: Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Gin or Rum, as well as water.

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