Is Dropbox a free account?

Is Dropbox a free account?

With Dropbox Basic, it’s easy to get to your files from multiple devices—computers, phones, and tablets—for free: Web: Sign in to to access everything you’ve stored on Dropbox from any browser—no software installation required.

Is Dropbox free forever?

Dropbox Basic can hold 2GB of files for an indefinite period, although it has limited features. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper or more secure alternative, you should look through our best cloud storage software guide, and pCloud are our faves, and both have free plans much like Dropbox does.

What is Acer Dropbox?

Terms for the Dropbox promotion for Acer devices The promotion is for a single Dropbox personal plan account to receive additional storage space for a fixed period of time (exact amount and duration above) in addition to the storage space Dropbox offers to users with free accounts.

How do I get unlimited Dropbox storage for free?

One easy way to quickly add more Dropbox free storage capacity is to invite your friends, families, or colleagues involved. You can invite your mates to join Dropbox by emailing them, sending them a direct link to join, or sharing your invitation on Facebook. You get 500MB extra for each person who signs up.

How do I get 2TB for free on Dropbox?

In fact, Dropbox does not provide free 2TB storage space, if you want to get Dropbox 2TB space you have to upgrade to Dropbox Plus plan with $11.99 per month.

How can I access my Dropbox account?

You can access your corporate Dropbox account in a couple of different ways, either via the Dropbox website or the locally installed Dropbox app. Dropbox Website Access. Go to and click the sign-in link at the top the page. Type in your email address.

How to set up a Dropbox account?

Create an account on

  • Type your name and email address (your email address is the username for your Dropbox account).
  • Type a unique password.
  • Click the box to agree to the Dropbox terms.
  • Click Create an account.
  • Is Dropbox really free?

    Dropbox is a free, off-site server for file sharing and storage. It allows users to sync their files online and across devices automatically. Dropbox brings files together, in one central place.

    How do I invite people to join Dropbox?

    Steps Open your internet browser. Go to the Dropbox website. Click your profile picture icon. Click Settings on the drop-down menu. Click the Plan tab. Click the Invite a friend button. Enter your contact’s email address in the email field. Click the blue Send button. Click Invite your Gmail contacts. Click the Copy link button.

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