Is Exant a word?

Is Exant a word?

Definitions of exant in various dictionaries: EXANT – An exanthem or exanthema (from Greek ἐξάνθημα exánthēma, “a breaking out”) is a widespread rash usually occurring in children.

How do you use extant?

Use the adjective extant to describe old things that are still around, like your extant diary from third grade or the only extant piece of pottery from certain craftspeople who lived hundreds of years ago. Extant is the opposite of extinct: it refers to things that are here — they haven’t disappeared or been destroyed.

What does remain extant mean?

1. still existing; not extinct; not lost or destroyed. 2. Archaic. standing out; conspicuous.

What does make subsequent mean?

For something that comes after something else in time or order, choose the adjective subsequent. If the entire class fails an exam, the teacher will hopefully make subsequent ones a little easier. Subsequent comes from the Latin subsequi “to follow closely” and means just that – following or coming after.

What is a extant document?

adjective. in existence; still existing; not destroyed or lost: There are only three extant copies of the document. Archaic. standing out; protruding.

What is an extant animal?

In biology, an extant group is one which has survived to the present day, and so it is a living group. This distinguishes it from an extinct group. The term ‘extant’ can also be used to describe species or higher groups (such as genera or families) which are still in existence (living).

How do you use extent in a sentence?

the distance or area or volume over which something extends.

  1. I was amazed at the extent of his knowledge.
  2. The playground covers over an acre in extent.
  3. She cannot comprehend the extent of the disaster.
  4. She was exaggerating the true extent of the problem.
  5. I agree with you to some extent.

How do you use extenuate in a sentence?

Extenuate in a Sentence

  1. The woman’s troubled childhood wasn’t enough to extenuate or excuse her of killing her husband.
  2. Because the court chooses to extenuate the man’s crimes, it appears as if he will never have to pay for his wrongdoing.

What does it mean by extant?

Definition of extant 1a : currently or actually existing the most charming writer extant— G. W. Johnson. b : still existing : not destroyed or lost extant manuscripts. 2 archaic : standing out or above.

What is extent rule?

: a sliding attachment to a folding rule for the measuring of inside distances between objects.

What does the name extant mean?

The definition of extant is something that still exists. An example of extant used as an adjective is an extant law which means a law that is currently active. Standing out; conspicuous. Currently existing; not having disappeared. Still alive; not extinct.

What does extant mean in English?

“extant” in English. See all translations. extant adjective. uk ​ /ekˈstænt/ uk/ˈek.stənt/ us ​ /ekˈstænt/ uk/ˈek.stənt/ formal. › used to refer to something very old that is still existing: We have some extant parish records from the 16th century.

How many seasons does extant have?

On October 9, 2014, CBS renewed Extant for a second season, which premiered on July 1, 2015. On October 9, 2015, CBS canceled Extant after two seasons. During the course of the series, 26 episodes of Extant aired over two seasons.

What does Exant mean?

adjective in existence; still existing; not destroyed or lost: There are only three extant copies of the document. Archaic. standing out; protruding.

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