Is g dL same as g L?

Is g dL same as g L?

g/dL↔g/L 1 g/dL = 10 g/L.

How do you convert IU L to UL?

IU/L↔uIU/mL 1 IU/L = 1000 uIU/mL.

How do you convert GL to G?

To convert a liter measurement to a gram measurement, multiply the volume by 1,000 times the density of the ingredient or material. Thus, the volume in grams is equal to the liters multiplied by 1,000 times the density of the ingredient or material.

Is mg dL the same as G L?

g/L↔mg/dL 1 g/L = 100 mg/dL.

What does G dL stand for?

Grams per decilitre
Grams per decilitre (g/dL) Some medical tests report results in grams (g) per decilitre (dL). A gram is equal to the weight of one millilitre or 16 drops of water. It is about 1/30 of an ounce.

Is IU L same as u l?

U is the international unit of enzyme activity.It is 1 micromole of substrate or product transformed/min. But IU is international units which represents the amount of biological agents(vitamins,vaccines) in different preparations producing the same biological effect.

Is IU the same as u l?

But they are the same. Scientific expression is IU, and this is written as U probably due to the confusion between IU (international unit) and 1U (one unit) arising from practical clinics.

How is GL calculated?

To convert to g L-1 you multiply the concentration by the molar mass; = 0.118 mol L-1 x 55.9 g mol-1 = 6.60 g L-1 (3 s.f.)

How do you convert GL to mL?

Please provide values below to convert gigaliter [GL] to milliliter [mL], or vice versa….Gigaliter to Milliliter Conversion Table.

Gigaliter [GL] Milliliter [mL]
0.1 GL 100000000000 mL
1 GL 1000000000000 mL
2 GL 2000000000000 mL
3 GL 3000000000000 mL

How do you convert mmol/l to GL?


  1. 1 g/L = 0.129116 mmol/L. 2 g/L = 0.258231 mmol/L.
  2. 3 g/L = 0.387347 mmol/L. 4 g/L = 0.516462 mmol/L.
  3. 5 g/L = 0.645578 mmol/L. 6 g/L = 0.774693 mmol/L.
  4. 7 g/L = 0.903809 mmol/L. 8 g/L =
  5. 9 g/L = 1.16204 mmol/L. 10 g/L =
  6. 11 g/L = 1.420271 mmol/L. 12 g/L =
  7. 13 g/L = 1.678502 mmol/L. 14 g/L =
  8. 15 g/L = 1.936733 mmol/L. 16 g/L =

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