Is GE Advantium a microwave?

Is GE Advantium a microwave?

The Advantium is a microwave, but so much more. It is larger than the typical microwave. It is also both a convection oven and a radiant heat oven with the ability to combine multiple cooking modes to provide rapid cooking not available with any single method alone.

Is advantium a good microwave?

Both the 12V and 240V Advantium speed ovens from GE offer the same great cooking options, including microwave, Speedcooking, convection baking, broiling, and warming/proofing features. The key difference comes down to the cooking speed and the interior light heating functionality.

Who makes advantium?

Advantium is a line of fast-cooking electric ovens for household use sold by General Electric.

How do you use Advantium 120 microwave?

How to use the MICROWAVE setting

  1. Place the food in a circular pattern either on a microwave-safe dish on the turntable or directly onto the ceramic white tray included with the microwave placed on the turntable.
  2. Press the MICRO EXPRESS button to start the microwave cooking for 30 seconds on high power.

Is advantium a speed oven?

Advantium Provides Versatility Advantium offers 4 ovens in 1 – Speedcook, True European Convection, Sensor Microwave, and Warming/Proofing ovens – and comes in several different configurations to fit any kitchen design.

How do I bake Advantium 120?

How to Cook With Advantium

  1. Place your food in a single layer onto the black metal tray included with the oven for oven cooking.
  2. Put the food in the oven, close the door, and press the SPEEDCOOK button.
  3. Choose the desired level of doneness for your dish by turning the dial and pressing it in to select.

What is GE’s Advantium technology?

GE’s exclusive Advantium technology uses the power of light to cook your foods to their peak performance. By combining halogen bulbs, microwave energy, and True European Convection, the Advantium microwave is able to cook your foods both quickly and evenly. Secondly, how does the GE Advantium work? Advantium technology harnesses the power of light.

What is GE Advantium?

GE Advantium Speed-Cook Oven. The GE Advantium Speed-Cook oven is an incredible machine that offers you the functionality of 4 ovens in 1. You get the Speedcook oven, a true european convection oven, a sensor microwave oven and a warming/proofing oven all in one, convenient unit that delivers perfectly cooked food 4 to 8 times faster than a convectional oven.

What is an Advantium microwave?

Advantium is a line of fast-cooking electric ovens for household use sold by General Electric. They use both halogen lamps and microwave energy, either separately or together.

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