Is Holden Astra a good car?

Is Holden Astra a good car?

The amazing Holden Astra CDTI For a car that is relatively affordable currently on the market, it has to be the best car for the money (5-8k). Would recommend anyone to buy this car. Very comfy, responsive, reliable and extremely economical. Great handling..

How much is a brand new Holden Astra?

The Holden Astra 2020 prices range from $13,100 for the basic trim level Hatchback Astra R to $26,510 for the top of the range Hatchback Astra RS-V. The Holden Astra 2020 is available in Premium Unleaded Petrol.

What is a Holden Astra?

The Holden Astra is a small car formerly marketed by Holden. The first couple of generations of Astra were made only for Australia, and was a derivative of the locally produced Nissan Pulsar. With the Button car plan coming into effect, it was replaced by the Holden Nova, a rebadged Toyota Corolla.

Is Holden Astra 2008 a good car?

2008 Holden Astra CDX AH The Astra is a great small family car, comfortable and economical with a touch of luxury with leather heated seats.It is easy drive and very practical, able to transport a family of four plus luggage or the family pet. It has great reliability and is economical to service and maintain.

Is 2017 Holden Astra a good car?

On the whole, the 2017 Holden Astra comes across as a good small car, but maybe not a great one. It is competent and confidence-inspiring in the way it drives, with willing drivetrains and great levels of driver involvement – which could be enough to get some buyers through the door.

How much does a Holden Astra weigh?

Holden Astra Dimensions 2018

Holden Astra Height 1482mm
Holden Astra Length 4466mm
Holden Astra Ground clearance unladen 113mm
Holden Astra Wheelbase 2695mm
Holden Astra Weight 1460kg

Where is the Opel Astra made?

Astra has been made at Russelsheim in Germany since last year. Previously the car was made in Belgium, and is currently produced in England, Poland and Russia. The German plant last year built 18,300 Astras of a European Astra production total of 328,900 units.

Does Holden Astra have Bluetooth?

The Holden MyLink system allows up to five devices to be paired but only one can be connected at any one time. To connect your chosen device, select the SETTINGS icon on the HOME page on the touchscreen, select BLUETOOTH, then DEVICE MANAGEMENT and select the device from the list.

Does a 2005 Holden Astra have cruise control?

As in the previous TS model, the cruise control function is located at the tip of the indicator stalk but can be a bit fiddly to activate. It is not hard to inadvertently trigger the indicators.

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