Is HSA Home Warranty a good company?

Is HSA Home Warranty a good company?

Our Verdict on HSA Home Warranty. Overall, we give HSA Home Warranty rating of 7.9 out of 10. While HSA provides affordable and comprehensive coverage, their services are completely unavailable to half the country. Additionally, you can only buy coverage when buying or selling a home.

Are HSA Home Warranty and American Home Shield the same company?

HSA Home Warranty, or Home Security of America, was found in 1984. 1 It is owned by the parent company, American Home Shield, however, the company still operates under its own brand name.

What is an HSA warranty?

An HSA Home Warranty is a one-year service contract that covers components of your home systems and appliances when they break down — items that most homeowners insurance plans do not cover. Consider a home warranty the perfect complement to homeowners insurance, not a substitute for it.

What is AHS Shield complete?

ShieldComplete™ Comprehensive Coverage. Covers everything in the Shield Essential and ShieldPlus plans, plus additional items. View Covered Items. Air Conditioning w/Ductwork Heating w/Ductwork Plumbing (incl.

Does a home warranty cover doors?

4. Windows, walls, and doors. Because home warranties apply to systems and appliances, structural problems aren’t usually covered. Some contracts may allow for repairs to windows that threaten the integrity of the rest of your home, but window and door issues usually fall under homeowners insurance.

What does HSA stand for?

Health Savings Account
Health Savings Account (HSA) A type of savings account that lets you set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical expenses.

What is the deductible for AHS?

American Home Shield vs. The Competition

Provider Best For Service Fee
Provider Best For Service Fee
American Home Shield Overall $75–$125
Choice Home Warranty Service $85
Select Home Warranty Lowest Deductible $75

How do I cancel my AHS contract?

To cancel your contract, please call 855.402. 5125 and a customer representative will assist you.

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