Is ID proof mandatory for train travel?

Is ID proof mandatory for train travel?

A. The user is not required to give any input of the photo identity card details of any of the passengers while booking the ticket. However he shall have to carry and show one of following identity card of any of the passengers in original while travelling. Credit Cards issued by Banks with laminated photograph.

Is soft copy of ID proof accepted in train?

Railways have now said that they will accept soft copies of Aadhar and driving licence provided they are in your DigiLocker, a digital storage service operated by the government that enables Indian citizens to store certain official documents on cloud.

Can we show digital ID proof in train?

The issue regarding accepting Aadhaar and Driving Licence as valid proof of identity when presented froin digital locker account of the passenger has been examined and it has been decided that while undertaking journey in a train, if a passenger shows the Aadhaar/Driving Licence from the ‘Issued Documents’ section by …

What is the fine for travelling without ID proof in train?

Rs. 250
It has been said that if the person fails to show the identity card then they will be charged with full ticket fare plus a penalty of Rs. 250 but he/she will be able to keep the same berths. According to IRCTC website, The following photo identity cards are considered valid for the journey: 1.

Can we show ID in phone in train?

Now train passengers don’t have to carry hard copies of their ID proofs, Indian Railways will accept the digital avatars of documents such as the Aadhaar and driving licence.

Is photocopy of Aadhar valid?

Photocopy of aadhar card may not be considered as valid.So, to avoid risk please take another valid id proofs such as passport, driving license, voter’s id or PAN card.

Can we show digital aadhar in train?

Indian Railways has started accepting digital Aadhaar card as well as driving licence from Digital Locker as proof of identity of passengers while undertaking train journey. One such move that benefits Indian Railways passengers is the fact that you no longer need to carry your ID proof while travelling.

Can railway employee travel in train without ticket?

RTI activist Anil Galgali, who filed the application, said, “I found many instances of railway employees and security personnel travelling without a valid ticket in suburban and non-suburban trains. Many railway employees travel in first class though they are eligible to travel only in second class.”

Is ID proof required for tatkal ticket?

NEW DELHI: Passengers booking tatkal train tickets would not be required to produce identity proof anymore as Railways have decided to discontinue with this provision. Currently, passengers at the time of booking a ticket has to provide a photocopy of identity card which he/she will carry during the journey.

Is it mandatory to take hard copy of train ticket?

Yes, instead of carrying a printout or hard copy of your Indian Railways train ticket, IRCTC now sends you SMS-based tickets that can be shown to the Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE). In order to book tickets online, the passenger can simply log on to the official website of IRCTC by using his/her name and password.

What is Idid required for train journey ticket?

ID Required for Train Journey Ticket Via Online / Tatkal Tickets If a passenger book the Ticket Via online (E-Ticket, I-Ticket), then he has to carry any one of the following 10 proof of identity in original during the journey. If it is a group, any one of the passenger should carry the original proof of identity.

What is original proof of identity on Indian Railways reserved tickets?

Ministry of Indian Railways extended the condition of carrying Original Proof of Identity during travel on Reserved Tickets to All Reserved Classes for reducing the scope of misuse of reserved ticketing system by unscrupulous elements, middleman or agents and an initiative to further facilitate the travel of bonafide and legitimate passengers.

What are the documents required for undertaking journey by train in India?

Photo identity cards with serial number issued to Advocates by the Bar Councils of India may also be accepted as proof of identity of passengers for undertaking journey by train. If a passenger book the Ticket Via online ( E-Ticket, I-Ticket ), then he has to carry any one of the following 10 proof of identity in original during the journey.

How to apply for railway identity card for physically challenged persons?

If the requisition letter is sent by post, the envelope containing the documents and covering letter should be super-scribed as “Application for issue of Railway Identity Card for Physically Challenged Persons for ticketing” and should be sent to the above concerned address.

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