Is Isai Vellalar caste SC?

Is Isai Vellalar caste SC?

That the Isai Vellalars of today, identified as backward castes, were once part of the Brahmana Varna, puts a very interesting spin on the existing academic discourse on Devadasi women and their socio political status.

Who Sozhiya vellalar?

Sozhiya Vellalars were the chieftains and land-owning agriculturalists of Chola dynasty. They use the title Pillai. The term Pillai literally means “child” in Tamil language. Tamil inscriptions of ancient Sangam era define the direct meaning of Pillai as “Child of King” (prince), denoting nobility.

What is Mudaliar caste?

Mudaliar, also spelled as Mudaliyar, Muthaliyar, Mudali, and Moodley, is a surname is generally prevalent among Indian Tamils and Sri Lankan Tamils and the Tamil diaspora, although it is also used in other parts of South India.

Is vellalar backward caste?

Kongu Vellalar is a community found in the Kongu region of Tamil Nadu, India. The Kongu Vellalar were classified as a Forward Caste (General class) at the time of Indian independence but they successfully requested to be reclassified as an other Backward Class in 1975.

Which caste is Pillai?

Tamil inscriptions define the direct meaning of Pillai as “Child of King” (prince), denoting nobility. The title occur both as a single name or as a suffix to the name. This title has been in traditional use by the communities such as the, Koviyars, Karaiyars, Nairs and the Vellalars.

Who is Isai Vellalar?

Isai Vellalar is a community found in the Indian in Tamil Nadu. (Deva dasi)They are traditionally involved as performers of classical dance and music in Hindu temples and courts of the patrons.

What is the caste of Isai Vellalar?

The Isai Vellalar community is a sub-sect within the Vellalar (Agrarian) caste. They are categorized under the Sudra varna. The word Isai means music, and this community comprises of Melakkarars, (Tavil artistes), Nayanakarars (Nagaswaram artistes),…

Is Isai Vellalar a Brahmins or non-Brahmin?

The 20th century nationalist discourse and Dravidian anti-Brahmin movement, including the five-time TN Chief Minister and DMK patriarch Karunanidhi often referring to his identity as an oppressed class, Isai Vellalar, has solidified into a binary between Brahmins and the non-Brahmin Isai Vellalars, casting a rather simplistic view.

Are Devadasis Sudras or Isai Vellalars?

The standard narrative surrounding the history of oppression of the Devadasis, and the Isai Vellalar caste more generally, is built on the understanding that they belong to the fourth varna, the Sudras. The discourse remains relevant due to the appropriation and oppression theories.

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