Is it safe to swim at Peel Island?

Is it safe to swim at Peel Island?

Swimming and snorkelling Horseshoe Bay and Platypus Bay are both pristine, calm spots to go swimming. For keen snorkelers, there is a historic shipwreck in Platypus Bay that attracts fish and other marine life.

Do you need a permit to camp on Peel Island?

Bookings and permits All campers require a permit to stay. To make a booking, contact the Queensland Government or use their online form to book. Find out more about Teerk Roo Ra National Park.

Can you take dogs to Peel Island?

Dogs are prohibited in the Teerk Roo Ra National Park. To preserve the historic sites, access is restricted to most of the island. Fines apply for entering the restricted access area. Everything in the national park is protected.

Can you walk around Peel Island?

Home to four species of mangrove, abundant marine life, about 74 bird species and both agile and swamp wallabies, the island is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities – kayak, camp, swim, snorkel, fish, walk and explore.

Who lives on Peel Island?

In the 2016 census, Peel Island had a population of 0 people. The island is only accessible by watercraft. Dugongs, turtles, and dolphins frequent the waters around the island….Peel Island.

Native name: Teerk Roo Ra
Width 3 km (1.9 mi)
State Queensland

Can you kayak to Peel Island?

Peel Island is a scenic National Park in the Moreton Bay Marine Park with a beach and wrecks to explore (Platypus bay)….Peel Island Weekend.

Paddle Type Sea kayaking
Put in Point Cleveland kayak ramp at the end of Shore Street North, Cleveland
Take out Point Peel Island Horseshoe bay

Can you have fires on Peel Island?

Peel Island – Horseshoe Bay Campground Fires are not ther than toilets so will need to use fuel stove. Camping is on sandy base, so make sure you bring the sand pegs. No pets are allowed on the Island, no fires permitted, no generators, need to take your rubbish out.

Are there any leper colonies in Australia?

Several leper colonies, or lazarets, existed throughout Australia. Notable examples included Peel Island, off the coast of Brisbane, Fantome island, near Townsville (exclusively for Aboriginal patients), and Mud Island and Channel Island, in the Northern Territory.

How do I get to Peel Island?

The island is accessible only by watercraft, with the main attraction being Horseshoe Bay on its southern side. On weekends and holidays, boats, yachts and sea kayaks jostle for position in this picturesque bay to get close to the pristine, sandy beach or find the best fishing spot.

Does Double Island Point have toilets?

There are no facilities provided and we strongly encourage campers to bring their own portable toilet. A waste dump point is available at the Freshwater day-use area. You will also need to purchase a Vehicle Permit to travel along the beach.

Where can I find Teerk Roo Ra?

In Moreton Bay between Cleveland and North Stradbroke Island. The Quandamooka community welcomes you to Teerk Roo Ra. There are currently no park alerts for this park. Need further information?

Who manages Teerk Roo Ra National Park?

Today Teerk Roo Ra National Park and Regional Park is jointly managed by the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) and the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing. Quandamooka and departmental officers’ are working together to protect the islands cultural and natural values for the benefit of all the people of Queensland.

What is tereerk Roo Ra National Park?

Teerk Roo Ra was dedicated under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 as a national park and conservation park in December 2007. The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has worked towards preserving the island’s historic remains and artefacts and managing visitor access to the island.

Can I go fishing on tereerk Roo Ra?

Teerk Roo Ra is a popular spot for local boaties, but the island is surrounded by Moreton Bay Marine Park so there are some restrictions on fishing and recreational activities in different zones. Take a look at the Marine Park map here.

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