Is Kaioken Kamehameha better than Kamehameha?

Is Kaioken Kamehameha better than Kamehameha?

Kaioken Kamehameha: goes on longer and does more damage then all other than x10 kamehameha. It’s a great skill but it takes 2 bars of ki. bending Kamehameha: this move can bend if you press the same button you used the Kamehameha on. It takes 1 bar of ki and does great damage.

Is Kaioken x20 the max?

In the manga, Kaioken times 20 is the maximum limit that can be achieved by any being. King Kai said this himself in chapter 313 volume 26 in the manga. The only limit kioken has is how much stamina your body has and how much strain it can take.

What is Goku’s highest Kaioken?

X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken – The highest obtained level Goku can use for Kaio-ken Blue.

Can Goku go ss3 blue?

Yes he could, but for Super Saiyan 3, it would be extremely difficult to maintain. Remember, Super Saiyan 3 drains Goku’s stamina. And Super Saiyan blue also drains Goku’s stamina.

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