Is Laito in love with Cordelia?

Is Laito in love with Cordelia?

Laito. Laito was neglected as a child by Cordelia. However, as he grew up Cordelia began an incestuous relationship between them. He grows obsessed by his love for Cordelia to the point to wanting to posses her only for himself and and start killing her other lovers.

Is Cordelia a vampire in Diabolik lovers?

Cordelia is the first wife of the Vampire King Karlheinz and the mother of the Sakamaki triplets Ayato, Kanato, and Laito. She is also the stepmother of Shu, Reiji, Subaru, and Kino.

Does Yui become Cordelia?

Yui was an abandoned child who was later found by Richter. He transplanted Cordelia’s heart into her and gave her to Seiji. She then became the adoptive daughter of priest and famous vampire hunter Seiji Komori.

Does Yuma hate SHU?

Yuma states how he hates the way Shu is by cutting things short. Like he’s very vague about things and Yuma wants clear-cut explanations that Shu’s not willing to give.

Did Laito sleep with his mother?

In older to have sexual relations with her, he used the same words that his mother used on him. He told Hilde that he loved her, which was a lie and she believed him. The two had slept together for a while, however, like what Cordelia did to him, he got bored Hilde.

What are some character traits of Cordelia (Diabolik Lovers)?

Cordelia (Diabolik Lovers) 1 Appearance. Cordelia has purple hair (inherited to her son Kanato) and green eyes (inherited to her son Ayato). 2 Personality. Cordelia is very lustful and cruel. 3 History. Cordelia was born to the Vibora King Burai and his lover Menae. Because both of her parents were not married,… More

What does Cordelia look like in real life?

Cordelia had long purple hair with distinct bangs and green eyes with narrow pupils. She wore a black dress with straps made up in a zigzag pattern and a white rose by her right chest and two smaller white roses next to it; the dress also had a slit on the right side showing white ruffles underneath.

Is Cordelia in love with Karlheinz?

Cordelia soon fell in love with the Vampire King. However, Karlheinz’s brother Richter fell in love with Cordelia as well and wanted to marry her. Both Richter and Karlheinz fought for Cordelia’s hand. The battle soon came to an end when the Vibora Princess chose the latter as her husband.

What is the relationship between Cordelia and Richter?

Cordelia was an abusive and promiscuous woman who would use anyone, including her own children, in order to be acknowledged by her husband. She is shown to be very manipulative seeing as how she was able to convince Richter that she would make him the leader of the vampires, if he resurrected her.

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