Is Lakshmi Manchu still married?

Is Lakshmi Manchu still married?

The daughter of veteran actor Mohan Babu, Manchu holds a bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Oklahoma City University….

Lakshmi Manchu
Alma mater Oklahoma City University
Occupation Actress producer television presenter
Spouse(s) Andy Srinivasan ​ ( m. 2006)​
Children 1

How was Manchu Lakshmi born?

AHMEDABAD: Telgu actress turned producer Lakshmi Manchu became a proud mother of a baby girl through surrogacy at 38 years. Interestingly, the baby girl came into their lives on the day of Lakshmi’s husband Anand Sreenivasan’s birthday, which is also ‘Father’s Day’.

Is Manchu Lakshmi husband?

Andy Srinivasanm. 2006
Lakshmi Manchu/Husband

Who is Manchu Lakshmi second husband?

What is the age of Manchu Lakshmi daughter?

Actress-TV host Lakshmi Manchu’s daughter Nirvana turned 6 today (June 15). The proud mother shared a few pictures from the birthday photoshoot of them both together savouring some mango and also penned a lengthy note showering her love upon her little munchkin.

How did Manchu Lakshmi have baby?

AHMEDABAD: Telgu actress turned producer Lakshmi Manchu became a proud mother of a baby girl through surrogacy at 38 years. The baby was born at an Anand infertility centre at 12.30 pm on Sunday. The baby girl weighed more than three kilograms. Lakshmi is the daughter of famed Telgu film actor Mohan Babu Manchu.

Where is Lakshmi Manchu from?

Early life. Lakshmi Manchu is the only daughter of actor Mohan Babu and Vidya Devi. She has brother Vishnu Manchu and half brother Manoj Manchu. She was born in chennai and can speak Tamil and Telugu fluently.

How much did Vishnu Manchu earn from Doosukeltha?

Doosukeltha earned ₹350 million (US$4.9 million) in its first week. The film became Manchu Vishnu’s biggest opener in his career. Final worldwide earnings were ₹ 952.5 million, also making it the biggest hit ever in Vishnu Manchu’s overseas career.

Does Lakshmi Manchu drink alcohol?

Not Known Does Lakshmi Manchu drink alcohol?: Not Known Lakshmi Manchu is the daughter of famous South-Indian actor Mohan Babu. Her mother died at a young age, so, her father got married to his wife’s sister.

Who is Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Manchu?

Having started her career at the age of 4, Manchu has been in 20 feature films in India and few minor television roles in the U.S. She co-owns Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures along with her family members, a production company that has produced fifty-six feature films to date.

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