Is Mega Bloks owned by Lego?

Is Mega Bloks owned by Lego?

Lego and Mega Blocks are two brand names of construction-type toys as well as minifigures. The main difference between both toys is the company that produces them. Lego is produced by the Lego Group, a private company in Denmark while Mega Blocks is produced by Mega Brands, a public company based in Canada.

Are Mega Bloks durable?

MEGA™ toys are designed to be durable so they can have a long, productive life. They can be passed down to younger family members and friends, kept, or donated — keeping toddlers and adults engaged, entertained, and inspired.

What size are mega construx?

6.1 x 26.2 x 31.8 centimetres
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Brand MEGA
Number of pieces 452
Educational objective Creative Thinking
Item dimensions L x W x H 6.1 x 26.2 x 31.8 centimetres
Size Standard

Why did Mega Bloks change their name?

Perhaps the whole name change is part of a larger plan as Mattel is shifting around their toy categories. (Mattel has their own toy lines, and they acquired Mega Bloks in 2014.) While the older sets still on shelves will have the Mega Bloks logo, the 2017 sets will be named Mega Construx. But they are all the same.

What company owns Mega Bloks?

Mega Brands/Parent organizations

Is Mega a Lego?

Currently, Mega Construx is Mega Brands’ Lego-competing building brick sets. And, they later rebranded those sets as Mega Construx. So, Legos and the Mega Brand currently both have a brand for smaller blocks (Mega Construx and Lego) and a brand for larger blocks (Mega Bloks and Duplo).

Is Lego better than Mega Bloks?

Standard Lego bricks are significantly smaller than standard Megabloks bricks. However, Megablocks micro bricks are compatible with Lego. Lego bricks are also considered more durable and higher quality.

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