Is Miami Spice still on?

Is Miami Spice still on?

Spice, which runs August 1 through September 30, is back for its 20th year. The program is designed to encourage visitors and locals to discover new restaurants and visit old favorites, by providing discounted three-course meals. The promotion also helps restaurants survive Miami’s summer, when tourism drops.

Who owns Seaspice Miami?

Carlos Miranda
Seaspice owner Carlos Miranda and Executive Chef Angel Leon were able to snap a pic with the “friendly” Miami-raised techpreneur, who reportedly left a very “generous” tip.

Does Seaspice have a dress code?

We have a smart/casual dress code but we do have customers arriving by boat so we have people in their boating attire.

When did Seaspice open?

Beginning January 1, 2015, riverfront favorite, Seasalt and Pepper will be called Seaspice. Longtime customers will no doubt still call it “Seasalt” as they always have, but officially, it’s a new name.

What is Miami Spice Month?

Every August and September eager restaurant go-ers head to one of the more than 150 participating restaurants around town to celebrate Miami Spice a.k.a. Miami’s restaurant month(s). The deal offers a three-course dinner at $42 a person, while lunch and brunch deals are available for $28 a person.

Which restaurants are participating in Miami Spice?

These Are All The Restaurants Participating In Miami Spice This…

  • 107 Steak and Bar.
  • 1111 Peruvian Bistro.
  • 7 Spices Restaurant & Lounge.
  • 26 Sushi & Tapas.
  • 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant.
  • Alloy Bistro.
  • Amara at Paraiso.
  • Amare Ristorante.

What restaurants are at the Fort Lauderdale airport?

The airport is located at 100 Terminal Drive in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Most of the restaurants mentioned are within the airport….

  • Pei Wei.
  • Casavana Cuban Restaurant.
  • Lime-A-Rita.
  • Zona Fresca.
  • Starbucks.
  • Sushi Maki.
  • Food Network Kitchen.
  • Great American Bagel.

Where is seaspice in Miami?

Updating list… Seaspice is located on the Miami River which is really upgrading, its still not Venice or the French Riviera. But a trip up the river to Seaspice, after a Mojito or two, and this boathouse was really owned by Howard Hughes (rumor).

What is seaspice Brasserie and lounge?

Seaspice Brasserie and Lounge, located on the banks of the Miami River, exemplifies the essence of waterfront dining. The restaurant offers seating for 350+ guests in a post-industrial warehouse outfitted in unexpected and sophisticated nautical touches.

Why choose our Miami seafood restaurant?

We are Miami’s hottest spot for amazing seafood and beautiful waterfront dining. Enjoy our happy hour or join us for an evening of fine dining at our waterfront restaurant. Our menu is a testament to our sophisticated techniques and commitment to high quality. Make a reservation today to come in and celebrate your senses!…

Is Kiki’s Miami Beach a good place to eat?

In Summary, great view, cozy ambiance, but the food is mediocre at best. THE PLACE: Located by the Miami river, next to “Kiki’s” , the view is beautiful. A few street parking spots are available and valet is available, however, these isnt any garages in site.

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