Is Mobile allowed in Al Ameen Mission?

Is Mobile allowed in Al Ameen Mission?

Hello, Yes, Mobile Phone is allowed in college campus but you cannot not use your phone in a class, lab or in between the lectures.

How many branches are there in Al Ameen Mission?

8 branches
Al-Ameen Mission is a residential educational institute where located in the village Khalatpur in Howrah district of West Bengal, India. Established in 1986, it is now spread across 7 districts of the state with 8 branches.

How can I get admission in Al Ameen Mission?

Al Ameen College of Education,Papuri (B. Ed. & D. El….Contact No.

Contact No
Admission: +91 8373 05 8704, 9733 69 6050
NEET/JEE/WBCS Coaching: +91 8373 05 8722, 8373 05 8753
Teacher Recruitment (Secondary Level): +91 8373 05 8738, 8373 05 8702
Scholarship: +91 9434 62 0920, 8373 05 8767

Who is founder of Al Ameen Mission?

Mr. Nurul Islam
Founder and general secretary of Al-ameen Mission, Mr. Nurul Islam receiving the prestigious ” Banga Bhushan Award” from chief minister of West Bengal.

Who is Al Ameen?

Abu Musa Muhammad ibn Harun al-Rashid (Arabic: أبو موسى محمد بن هارون الرشيد, romanized: Abū Mūsā Muḥammad ibn Hārūn al-Rashīd; April 787 – 24/25 September 813), better known by his laqab of Al-Amin (Arabic: الأمين, romanized: al-Amīn), was the sixth Arab Abbasid Caliph.

Is Al Ameen English medium?

and results of hs is is 1st English medium institution of all over al ameen mission .

What is the meaning of Al Ameen?

(Islam) A nickname of Muhammad, meaning the trusted one.

What is alameen?

ABOUT AL AMEEN The mutual participation of nationals and residents, to maintain security and stability in the society. To encourage personal initiative to convey information this would help protect against elements detrimental to the society. ‎

Who is Rabbul Alamin?

So Rabbi l-aalameen, means “Lord of the worlds,” which is itself an appositive following the noun Allah. A simple translation of the full sentence is “Praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.”

What is the work of Al Ameen Mission?

As well as being an educational institute, Al-Ameen Mission does charitable works for the Muslim community. It has helped unemployed Muslims with loans and has scholarship programs to help other communities’ needy students. On 19 May 2015, Al-Ameen Mission received Banga Bhushan Award.

How many schools does Al Ameen run in West Bengal?

The main campus KHALATPUR maintains the others campus. Across West Bengal Al Ameen runs about 50 schools. Most of them are directly run by Al Ameen Mission and few located in remote village areas are run by local non-profit for better management and service. Those Academy/School are called in ” Collaboration with Al Ameen Mission “.

What are the objectives of Al-Ameen?

Al-Ameen defines its objectives as promoting quality education among the poor and backward class minorities of the society and developing the socio-economic condition of the Muslims.

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